Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Life With the Bussis'- 1.15.2014

Oh my goodness, this is picture galore :).  We have a very fun week celebrating Micah's birthday and having fun with my parents (thus all the pictures).  So here we go:

Wednesday night (Micah's birthday) we had a little celebration with a big cookie.  Micah loves to sing happy birthday, so he joined in on singing with us :).

 Thursday we went to the Children's museum.  It was a lot of fun but boy are those little twins fast, David was all the way on the other side of the museum before I noticed he was gone (thankfully it wasn't busy and there are lots of volunteers and one followed him and one told me where he was :)).
Construction Zone

Making a pizza

Cutest fireman I've ever seen!

Notice the nice red bump on Jonathan's head- he had a few by the time we went home :)
 Micah had lots of play time with Grandpa and Grandma
Drawing on his new easel (and he wants you to then take a picture of each drawing) 
On Friday we went to the mall to play.  The twins hadn't been there since they could walk, oh they had fun!

Jonathan can now climb on pretty much anything and wants to get anything he is not supposed to have.  My mom describes it as he lays in wait for you to leave your phone or ipad or soda or glasses or whatever he's not supposed to have and the moment you walk away from them he's there grabbing them.  It's very true, he is such a stinker!!

Grandpa is so much fun!
 Saturday night we had Micah's baseball party- hot dogs and nachos :)

This boy loves his cake

Sunday we finally had a nice day to be outside so Micah and Grandpa made a snowman

 I think we have some future golfers

Can't go outside without sledding

Micah was a little unsure about this hill so he just went down on Grandpa's back

We did lots of reading
Monday ended up being in the 40s so we took advantage and walked down to the playground.  It was blowing a little so we decided to push the boys in their bike trailers so they stayed a little warmer.

Grandpa made another snowman

Silly Steve

 It was a very fun time with my parents, thank you so much for coming out!!  We miss you already!!  Now that my parents are gone and I have to watch the boys all by myself again (my mom was here for 10 days so it was 10 days of 'round the clock help) I am reminded again how incredible naughty these two little guys are.  They just get into everything:
They are very much all boy:


 Micah had his 3 year well child check-up today.  He cried and cried before hand that he didn't want to go, he cried for the nurse when he had to be weighed and have his height checked and wouldn't let her check his blood pressure, and the he was great for the doctor. :)  We have an awesome pediatrician who made him forget he was at the doctor's I think :)  So since he did great for the doctor he got to pick out where we went to lunch afterward and he picked Panera so he could have a grilled cheese.  :)  It was fun to get to go out to lunch with just him, he is such a fun boy
And to show you how fun he is, here's one last video for ya:

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  1. Oh what a fun time we had!! Never a dull moment in your house, but such wonderful fun! Your three little boys are all the entertainment needed! Thanks for letting me share in the fun and for the great memories that were made.