Friday, February 7, 2014

Fun Food Friday- Heart Cake Pops

This past Wednesday we did the photography badge at GEMS and as part of it I showed them how to do a food blog.  They were so cute, they all had brought their cameras to GEMS and had so much fun taking pictures of us making these Valentine's treats.  And they turned out so cute.  It's essentially a cake pop in the shape of a heart, with no stick.  They were really easy to do but look so cute!  So if you want a fun treat to hand out next week, try these ones!

Ingredients: Cake (I used this recipe from the Pioneer Woman, it's a more sturdy cake so it held up better than a box cake), Frosting, Almond Bark, Chocolate Chips (I have sprinkles pictured but we ended up not using those.  We also used some purple candy melts)

First you crumble up the cake

It does not really take 6 hands to do that but my GEMS girls don't want to miss out on anything :)

Next you add the frosting

And mix together

It's easiest to just use your hands to do this

Place the cake on a piece of wax paper

And cover with another sheet of paper

Roll it out to about a 1/2 inch thickness

Cut out using a heart cookie cutter

We used two different sizes of hearts

Place the cakes in the freezer for about 20 minutes

In the meantime melt the chocolates you want to use to coat.  We did one bowl of almond bark and chocolate chips (1 cup of chips and 1/2 the pkg of almond bark) one bowl of just almond bark, the purple candy melts and then one of just chocolate chips
Then into sandwich bags we put some of the chocolates to drizzle on top- just cut one of the corners- but make sure the hole isn't too big

Then you just dip the cake into the chocolate and coat it on both sides.  Place it on a piece of wax paper
Use the different chocolates for the base coat
Then you can use the sandwich bags to drizzle on another color chocolate

Have fun with how you decorate them.  You can also use sprinkles but we were having so much fun with the drizzling that we never got to the sprinkles :)
I think they turned out so cute!  And seriously were not hard at all.

You could just put a couple in a cut bag to make a great gift.
Heart Cake Pops
Baked Cake (I think chocolate is the best tasting but you can use whatever flavor you want)
Frosting (either homemade or store bought)
Almond Bark (vanilla)
Chocolate chips
Colored Candy Melts
Heart shaped cookie cutters
Crumble the cake in a bowl.  Add enough frosting to make the cake moist but firm.  Roll the cake out in between 2 pieces of wax paper to 1/2 inch thickness.  Use a heart cookie cutter to cut out little cakes.  Place in the freezer for 20 minutes.  Melt the chocolates.  For a chocolate coating melt 1/2 a package of almond bark with 1 cup of chocolate chips.  Then melt the almond bark on it's own for a white coating.  Place some of the melted chocolate into sandwich bags to use for a drizzle.  When the cake is ready dip the cake into the chocolate coating both sides.  Place on wax paper.  Cut a small corner of the sandwich bag and use to drizzle on the chocolate. 

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