Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Life With The Bussis'- 2.5.14

Life with the Bussis' has been going pretty good.  David's tongue healed up nicely, didn't slow him down eating wise in the least.  And we've actually had a couple of days in a row with no snow which was so wonderful!  Thursday morning I woke up and saw the sun peeking through the blinds and got all excited because I knew I had seen snow in the forecast for that day.  So I went downstairs and checked the weather and it wasn't supposed to start snowing till around 2 in the afternoons so I called a lady from church and said "hey, you want to come to the mall with us?" (it's a little much to take all by myself, Jonathan and David are very fast runners :)).  She said yes so I got the boys dressed and fed and we headed out to the mall, we just had to get out of the house.  They played on the playground for close to an hour.

The twins got the hang of sitting at the top of the slide and scooting down on their butt
After the playground we went to Qdoba for lunch

Everyone was pretty tired out after lunch.  I tried to keep the twins awake on the way home but it didn't work and unfortunately they thought that 10 minute nap in the car was all they needed for the whole day :(  But it was so much fun just getting out of the house.  We had been housebound for a week!
The climbing continues in our house.  Jonathan figured out if he climbs around the back of our bistro table and then climbs onto the crossbar under the table he can get up on the bar stool.  Great! :)
Still working on eating with utensils, still not going so well:

It was finally nice enough on Saturday to go out and play in all that snow we had gotten.  As you can see, it is piled up very high where they plow our driveway, almost as tall as Steve.  And I climbed on top of the pile to sled down and discovered that not only is it 6 feet tall, it is about 15 feet deep.  Yeah, that snow is not going away any time soon :(

Micah was very excited to throw a snowball at Mommy

Micah discovered playing cars in the snow is pretty fun

Monday him and Steve went out again to play and then he discovered how fun it is to turn the fire pit into a race track

This is what mornings are like around here.  As soon as Micah gets up he gets to watch one episode of Octonauts, a Disney show about sea animals.  The twins get into it too and they can read at the same time, such multi-taskers :)

The twins have discovered their love of playing the piano.  Or maybe it's playing on the piano. :)  Either way they play some interesting sounding duets :)
And then here are just a bunch of videos for ya:
I am constantly trying to get them to not stand on the chairs but finally I decided, I can keep fighting or I can just join them (in playing at the table, I didn't stand on a chair :)) 
The twins have now learned how to do "So Strong" (although David won't do if for me in the video, stinker):
Here is Micah when he learned how to do it, he was a little more intense :) (he's the same age in this video as the twins are now):
Now that Micah is 3 he gets to do the games on Wii Fit.  Here he is flying like a bird :)
He also likes to do my Taebo video with me.  You use a 3 pound bar so he uses his squirt gun :)
After awhile he said his arms got tired so he just sat down and rested :)
And one last video for you.  Somehow no matter what they're doing, they always end up tackling each other :)
Have a wonderful week!!

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