Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life With the Bussis'- 2.19.14

Going to be honest, didn't take a lot of pictures with my camera this week.  Which tells you we didn't do too much this week. :)  So sorry for the quality but most of these pictures are going to come from my phone and Ipad.  We did a lot indoors this week as it continued to be cold, but finally today we had sun and over 30 degrees so we spent a little time outdoors and it was wonderful!!!  While indoors we tried to come up with fun ways to keep the boys entertained, which you'll see in the pictures below :).  It didn't help that myself and Jonathan and David have had these nice colds.  It's all in the nose, no sore throat, no coughing, just a constant runny and stuffed up nose.  I think we're on the upside of it which is good because we're running out of Kleenexes. :)  One fun thing this week, Micah had his first cousins sleepover at Grandpa and Grandma's.  Friday night he and his cousin Bentley both stayed at Steve's parents.  They must have had fun because boy was he tired and crabby Saturday night which means he was tired from all his fun. :)  Okay, so without further ado, here's our life this past week in pictures and videos:
What you do when it's too cold to play outside:
1.) Snuggle with Mommy:
...or your brother:
All three had been hugging and it was so cute but by the time I grabbed my phone Jonathan had run off :)
2.) Walk to church to play in the fellowship hall: 
We had so many fun things to bring over that Micah pulled the wagon full of toys while I pushed the twins in the stroller :)  Micah loves to push the wagon.
We brought Micah's baseball and golf tees with, that was a lot of fun for the boys to play with.  Next time we're bringing the bases too so we can play a real game of baseball :)
Also had some fun wagon rides
3.) Fill a little pool with plastic balls and pretend it's a ball pit:
4.) Watch some singing videos (trying to get them to rest without taking a morning nap): 
 5.) Play with Daddy:
David loves to "play baseball" and can even hit the ball sometimes
Now we're really getting creative- made a ramp for the cars out of a diaper box
6.) Make a mess with our dinner: 

Micah found it quite entertaining

 7.) Sing:
8.)Play in the hallway with all our boots and winter stuff:
He almost blends into the chair

That's right, I'm handsome like Daddy so I need to wear his hat:)
9.) Discover how fun it is to hit your cup:
 10.) Pester Mommy while she's eating her breakfast- I've learned to just add more yogurt to my breakfast because even though I have just fed them, they beg for more:
But seriously, what an awesome view while eating breakfast, my 3 precious little guys!
And thankfully it did finally get warm enough to play outside because we are running out of things to do inside :):
Yes, that is the driveway you are seeing!

Micah still loves playing with his cars in the snow

The twins opted for a wagon ride

And Micah decided that looked fun and needed to join
And that was our week! :)

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