Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 6.11.14

Warning: This blog is full of a LOT of pictures :) but I promise, they are very cute :)
Big exciting news over here, Micah started riding his big bike with training wheels!  He has had it since his birthday in January and just decided last Wednesday he wanted to try it and ever since has wanted to ride it every day!  And he's pretty good at it:
So now of course he thinks he's too big to ride in the stroller for a walk :)
Thankfully he does pretty well, but I still prefer Steve be there with us to run ahead and stop him if he's going too fast :)

We spent a lot of time outdoors again this past week which is awesome!  We love our sandbox!

Thursday evening Steve and Micah were riding their bikes around church.  Well David followed them (across the street, lovely, no worries, I was right next to him :)) and he discovered the really big field behind church.  Him and Jonathan thought it was pretty fun to get to run and run on the big field.  They even ended up in some people's backyard :):
Friday morning Steve took Micah golfing.  I had him take my camera so I could have some pictures.  Well, they came back with lots of pictures for me and I just can't decide which one's to put up because they are just too cute, so sorry, they're pretty much all up here. :)  And the ones of Steve are taken by Micah, he really is quite the photographer :):

Cheering that his ball went in

You think he watches his Daddy? :)

Back home after a fun outing

Friday night Steve and I got to go to a Whitecaps Game (minor league baseball) for a Classis Spouse Dinner.  We had a lot of fun visiting with the other pastors and their wives in our Classis and getting to take in a baseball game.
Saturday morning we went for a bike ride.  As you can see, the twins are a little more excited about it.  Micah of course thought he should be able to ride his bike :)

We ate lunch outside after our bike ride.  Micah is a big fan of eating outside now, Mommy not quite as much because the twins have a hard time staying sitting and eating :).  I think the picnic table needs a seat belt
 Then Saturday night we went to Steve's parents to celebrate his mom's birthday.  The boys had lots of fun riding on all the toys:

Bentley (my nephew) just got a Gater which he graciously shared with his cousins that night.  For a 2 year old, he a pretty good driver :)

We really wished we had a microphone on the Gater so we could hear their conversations

They twins like riding the little 4 wheeler, they just need a little help steering (so they don't run into our vehicles, or each other)

Micah driving, he did pretty well

More eating outside

This boy (Jonathan) LOVES cookies.  Every time he has one as soon as he takes his last bite (with the bite still in his mouth) he says "More, More!"  And one nice thing about eating outside is if they make a mess, which they always do, it's not on my kitchen floor!

Tuesday morning I wanted to go for a walk and I knew Micah would want to ride his bike instead of ride in the stroller, so instead of walking around town (which has lots of cars and hills), we went to a bike trail not far from our house that is nice and flat and not so busy.  It was a lot of fun, Micah even rode his bike 2 miles (he took a great nap that afternoon)!  I definitely think we'll be doing that again.

The twins really enjoyed it too (even if their faces don't show it :))

Brotherly love :)  It's so cute, lately they'll just randomly huge each other
It was raining this morning so we decided to head to the mall to play.  Yeah, we weren't the only ones who decided that :) but we still had fun.
It is really hard to get all 3 to look at you :)

It was really cute because they really all 3 played together quite a bit.  They loved jumping off these rocks

We had lunch at the mall then.  Jonathan loves dipping fries in ketchup

David was a big fan of the cookie Barb got him :)
Hope you enjoyed our fun week! :)

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