Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 6.18.14

Another fun week over here.  These 3 little guys really are a lot of fun (as long as they're not fighting over toys :)).  And the twins are starting to say more words which is fun.  I'm teaching Jonathan how to say "soda" so I have at least one fellow soda person in the house. :) Micah used to call it "pop" when Steve was drinking it and "soda" when I was drinking it, but he has now decided to call it "pop" all the time, always with a smile on his face and looking at me. :)  And Micah, oh Micah, that boy seriously hears and understands everything we say!  We think we are talking quietly and he's not paying attention and then he will comment on what we're saying and we just look at each other and say how did he know that's what we're talking about?!  So we have to be very care what we say around him, not that there should ever be a time that we're not careful what we say. :) 

Here's a few of the fun things we did this week:
We pulled out the play-do one night and Jonathan got to put his muscles to good use making some "hamburgers":

Thursday Micah and I decided we should make some brownies to take on the train ride we were going on on Saturday.  I had just found this recipe for Cheesecake Brownies (oh my goodness, so good, will definitely be blogging about those sometime) and I wanted to try them out, but I didn't have cream cheese, so our first order of business was going to the grocery store:
I never hear any complaints from them about having to go to the grocery store.  I'm thinking the free cookies have something to do with it :)

Back home ready to make the brownies.  This was the first time I let the twins "help" with baking, it was definitely an adventure :)

They soon discovered the joys of licking the spatula :)
Jonathan going to town there

Amazingly, the brownies actually turned out great :)

Hanging out with my little guys after their naps

At night we took a nice bike ride and ended up at the public school playground (Micah was not happy he didn't get to ride his bike too, so we enticed him to ride in the bike trailer with a promise to play on the playground :))

All my orange boys :)
Jonathan and David now know the word "up" :)

Okay, Home Depot definitely gets the award for coolest cart!  The twins loved this thing!  Except when you stopped moving, then they weren't so excited :)

I finally got the twins helmets this week.  So Saturday morning they were watching some cartoons after they woke up and I went outside quick to water my garden.  I came back to find this :)  I guess Jonathan thought watching cartoons was a little dangerous :)
A while back I had bought an awesome Groupon deal for a train ride so Saturday we went on it.  Steve's parents came with us along with our nephew Bentley.  The boys had a blast!  

Mom and Dad Bussis with all their grandkids (for now, Steve's sister is due next week :))
Micah was very excited about his ticket

They even had entertainment

Loved watching out the window

The twins both loved the freedom of not being in a car seat in a moving vehicle :)

I'm amazed neither of these boys got hit in the head with a tree branch while sticking it out the window

Watching the engine move to the other side of the train to go back

Trying to get a picture of Steve's dad with all his grandkids, as you can see, not all wanted to cooperate :)

There we go, at least they're all looking :)

Sitting on the engine- these boys had a lot of fun!

Happy Father's Day to the wonderful father of my children!!!  I love these 4 guys so much!!!

Such a David look :)

David was the lucky winner of who got to go with Mommy to the grocery store this week :)  As you can see, he was pretty happy he won
The twins are starting to love to play together.  It was so cute, last night they had to give each other hugs before they could go to bed! :)  They also love to run together:
Amazingly they did not run into each other at the end there :)
It's pretty hot in our house because our window unit downstairs broke and we haven't gotten a new one yet, so the boys and I spent last night outside while Steve was at his softball game. 
And I just have to say, a lot of books tell you that if you let your children watch TV they won't have much of an imagination.  Well, I disagree because Micah loves to watch TV (we do limit it of course :)) and he has a huge imagination:
Just saying :)

They even got to eat their snack of pudding outside, always a hit with these boys (both the pudding and eating outside)

And then this morning we went to the fair that some of the kids from our church and GEMS show animals at.  We weren't sure we were going to go because it absolutely poured early this morning (and lightening and thundered, it was crazy last night, like you saw the lightening and heard the thunder at the same time!  This California girl is so not a fan of it!), but it cleared up about 9:30 and according to the radar we had about a 4 hour window of no rain so we went (we did leave Jonathan and David home with a lady from church, we weren't quite ready to take them :))
Watching a girl from church show her pig, always entertaining
Micah absolutely loved seeing all the animals!
He also loved getting to go on some of the rides.  It was kids day so all rides were just $1 so we let him go on a few

His other favorite part, getting to eat a hot dog :)  It was a fun morning and we got out of there just before it started pouring! :) 
We've experienced quite a bit of thunder and lightening since getting home.  At one point is was so dark it looked like it was 10pm!  And my garden is quite flooded, we'll have to see how that turns out :).  Very thankful for a nice dry home to stay in. :)
And finally, these are actually from last week, but I couldn't post them till after our Dad's got their Father's Day cards :).  I like to make a card with a picture, so here are some of the pictures of my not so cooperative children (namely the twins:)):

This one was pretty good but you couldn't really ready the sign

We ended up going with this one:
And I just wrote "Happy Father's Day" on it. :)  Not bad, all three looking and smiling (for the most part :)).  I hope all you fathers had a wonderful Father's Day!

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