Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 6.4.14

What a difference it makes when you and your children are feeling better!  I think we discovered our problem, allergies.  Ever since giving the boys allergy medication they have felt so much better- no more runny noses or coughing or eye boogers :).  I think this was the first Sunday in months that I didn't send my kids to the nursery with runny noses :) (I have to say it makes me feel much better now knowing those runny noses were due to allergies, not colds :)).  So we've had a good week, spending a lot of time outdoors. 
Wednesday night I got my garden fenced and planted!  So excited to watch those little seeds become yummy fruits and vegetables!

The boys are loving their picnic table, although we've discovered the twins do eat lunch better in their high chairs where they can't get up and wonder around :)
So they like to use the table for this:
To get to the toys that Micah puts out of their reach :)
It's also a great place to drink your milk after breakfast :)

Steve playing with the boys in their sandbox while I make dinner- Jonathan obviously thinks it's a dangerous place so you need a helmet :) 
Friday, oh Friday was a glorious day :).  I really needed a haircut, I really wanted a pedicure :), and I had some errands to run all of which I thought would be way more enjoyable without 3 little boys in toe, so my wonderful helper from church, Barb, graciously watched those three little boys so I could enjoy a "Julie day."  Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my boys and am so very thankful that I am able to stay home with them every day.  But all moms get tired and sometimes just need a little time to go feel like a normal human being :).  So I started out my day with a pedicure:
I love it when my feet actually look like female feet :).  After my pedicure it was off to the hair salon to get a hair cut.

After my haircut I met Steve at a cute little sandwich shop in town for a nice lunch date and bonus, we got to eat outside, one of my favorite things to do!  After lunch I headed to Grandville to get a few things.  And then I came home refreshed and ready to take on my boys again. :)  Thank you so much Barb for allowing me to have a nice relaxing day!

Friday night we made our weekly trek to the ice cream store.  Unfortunately immediately after I took this picture Steve got a bloody nose which lasted about 30 minutes.  And really unfortunately, it wasn't his only bloody nose of the weekend.  He ended up calling the doctor Monday morning who prescribed some cough medicine and nasal spray, both of which seem to be helping.
Saturday we had a really fun day: 
Jonathan started it out by snatching the remote as soon as he got up.  As you can see, he is not the least bit sorry he is doing something he knows he's not supposed to do :)
Steve golfed in a golf tournament for LOVE Inc. in the morning with his friend Zach (seminary roommate) and his dad and a family friend.  It was a gorgeous day to be out on the golf course and they played well which always makes it fun.  They had a contest between the groups with a pastor in it and Steve's group won!  Back at home Kasey (Zach's wife who was also my roommate in college) and I decided if the boys were having fun, so should we so she came over with her 2 girls for a play date.  Poor Lydia, she wasn't quite used to 3 rough little boys who are notorious for stealing toys :).  We eventually found our way out to the sandbox: 
Lydia not quite so sure yet if she wanted to get in that sandbox with those silly boys

She decided it was okay :)
After playing in the sandbox Lydia decided she was cold, or that it looked like fun to put on the hats, gloves and boots she found that I still haven't put away :)  So cute!

We wanted a picture of the 4 of them (Lydia's little sister Carrie was napping), this was the best we could do :)
After our play date we headed to Holland for my cousin Joanna's graduation open house.  When we pulled up I told the boys they needed to be good little gentlemen and thankfully they obliged this time :)

Giving them cake really helped :)
Then at night we went to Chili's for dinner.  The twins discovered they really like salsa

Although they didn't really grasp the concept of eating the salsa with a chip, they would suck the salsa off the chip and then go for more.  We are going to have to teach them that double dipping is a no-no :)

Micah loves going out to dinner because it means he gets chocolate milk
And then we had pudding for dessert- just a great day!
It's a challenge to get all 3 boys in the picture with me but we did it :)  Hanging out on the couch while Daddy's running through his sermon Sunday afternoon

And then all ready for church at night.  They matched in the morning, but David got his shorts dirty, so he got to wear this cute vest at night.  He looked like a little golfer :)
Tuesday morning we headed over to Barb's house to ride on all her riding toys (she has a nice big circle driveway):
Here's Jonathan on the little push bike
I think the helmet is a little big :)  Silly David

Micah loved this bike

He was a tired little guy when we got home because he also rode his bike the whole way to Barb's and back (it really isn't that far, but he has little legs :))

Tuesday night Steve had an away softball game and I needed to pick up some TRIP in Allendale, so I took the boys with me and we played on the playground at the school:

And even after mommy so nicely took them to the playground, they decide to do this a nearly give her a heart attack :)  Especially those two little ones, they are such monkeys and have absolutely no fear (or common sense :))
This is of course what you do when Mom takes your clothes off for a bath, tackle your brother
On a developmental note, the twins are finally able to eat things without them being all cut up, for example, a sandwich.  Up until now they have had a hard time grasping the concept of taking bites out of things, but they seem to get it now, which is nice.  That means I don't have to cut up all their food :) 
So as you can see we had a very fun week, made even more fun by not having to wipe noses all the time :)   

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