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Life with the Bussis'- 11.12.14

 We've managed to have a pretty fun week despite the fact that winter has crept up on us. :)  The days that weren't too cold we spent some time outside getting some fresh air:

Thankfully they don't fight wearing hats this year!
They don't care how cold it is outside...

As long as they can race, they're all good

Attempting to ride the tricycle down the hill, it obviously didn't work so well :)
Jonathan got out the golf tee and Micah wanted a turn hitting the golf ball.  But of course first you must stretch :)

After proper stretching, then you may take a swing :).  The twins do not have this philosophy, they just walk right up to the tee and hit the golf ball. :)  Of course, they have never gone golfing with Steve and witnessed the stretching :)
Jonathan pitching to Daddy
I brought Micah's hat out to him but he didn't think he needed it so I decided to see if it fit me.  Yeah, Micah has a good size head :). 

But it looks way cuter on him!

Micah with his fox he made at storytime at the library.  Unfortunately for him his mother had to help him draw the body and she is a very poor artist :)

Jonathan and David in their new pajamas they got for their birthday.  They love the fact that there are helicopters and fire trucks on them!

This poor little guy (Jonathan) has had kind of a traumatic week. He has had a very hard time pooping and I have had to give him suppositories a couple of times and finally today I took him in to the doctor because he is just miserable.  So hopefully with the stuff the doctor recommended we can make life a little less traumatic for him. :)  After getting the suppository he just wants to sit in a safe place :).

These three little guys just melt my heart sometimes.  This was Friday morning and I was doing something in the kitchen and looked up and they were all giving each other a hug...or smashing David, one of the two :).

I had a bunch of things to return/purchase at the mall so after being so good while I shopped we made a stop at the play area.

This little guy (David) is such a stinker.  I told him it was time to go get lunch and he ran out of the play area to this chair and plopped himself down and just laughed :)

I went by myself this time and was quite proud of myself with how we managed and I even got us all lunch and I was thinking pretty highly of myself and then soon after this picture, Micah says to me "Mom, I have to go potty!"  And here I sit with my two 2 year olds in high chairs eating and how in the world am I supposed to bring my 3 1/2 to the restroom?!  And I said to myself "this is why I don't go out by myself!" :)

But you see that nice lady behind Micah?  She had just sat down when Micah told me he had to go potty so I asked if she minded watching the twins while I quick took Micah to the restroom and she said that was no problem.  But oh boy is that a weird feeling to leave your children with a perfect stranger!  But I was probably even more concerned that they were going to start screaming when I left :).  But we weren't gone more than 2 minutes (I made Micah run :)) and the twins didn't even seem to notice I was gone.  Phew!



After lunch they got to take a couple of rides

This is my favorite ride because they can all fit in it so :)
We've done quite a bit of baking this week (when it's cold outside it just makes me want to bake, well, honestly, I always like baking :) but I just have more time indoors to bake when it's cold out).  We've unofficially started a Friday night tradition (as in we've done it 2 weeks in a row now :)) of making a dessert to have at night for a snack.  This week Micah and I made dessert pizza (will definitely have to do a Fun Food Friday blog on that one, it turned out delicious!).  Here Micah is mixing up the topping

This was an Apple one so here Micah's making sure the apple filling turned out good


Taste! :)  He approved

Dessert time!

We had it with ice cream, it was like apple pie!

Then a couple days later we ran out of cookies in the house (all the boys in this house like a cookie with their lunch :)) so I asked Micah what kind of cookie he wanted to make next and he picked pumpkin cookies which he loves to decorate.  I happened to have some leftover frosting in the refrigerator so he had fun decorating some pumpkin cookies

He really likes frosting on the cookie :)

And then last night we made cake pops.  I know, we're supposed to be eating healthy over here and we end up with all these baked goods :), what do you do? :)
Saturday night I got to go to a Michael W. Smith concert with Steve's parents and sister.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!! He sang a lot of his old songs and I was amazed that even though I hadn't heard those songs in 10+ years I still remembered every word!  It just brought me back to my old room growing up singing along to his CDs.  Such a fun night!

This was the opening act, Nathan something.  I took this picture in case he ever gets famous, then I'll have his picture :).  Of course I should probably learn his last name so I know if he gets famous. :)  One thing he did was talk about Compassion International and asked us to consider becoming a sponsor of a child.  I used to have a World Vision child I started sponsoring in college, but she is over 18 years old now so I had stopped sponsoring her and hadn't gotten around to getting a new child.  I thought it would be a neat idea to have our family sponsor a boy around Micah's age so Micah can write to him as he grows up and we can talk to our boys about the importance of sharing the gifts God has given us.  So during intermission I went to the Compassion table in the back to find a child to sponsor.  So you go to this table and there are hundreds of children's packets and you wonder how in the world are you supposed to just pick a child.  So a worker asked if I was looking for a specific country or gender so he could help me find a child.  I told him it didn't matter to me where the child was from but I have 3 little boys so I would like a young boy around their age.  He was holding a packet and handed it to me and said "would you consider sponsoring this boy.  I have been praying for him for a while that he would get sponsored."  I took the packet and it was for a little boy named Wilmer born January 1, 2011.  My Micah was born January 8, 2011 so they are exactly one week apart!  I was so excited and the worker was so excited for Wilmer to get a sponsor. :)  So not only was it a fun night of a concert, but I was so excited to begin this partnership with Compassion in helping out little Wilmer and hoping through this our boys might be also be blest!

Let the music begin!  Michael W. Smith is the one at the piano

Sorry, I have so many thoughts to write about today. :)  So I have been to a number of concerts in the past and always when I go to a concert of a Christian artist I get this feeling inside of me of wondering if this is what I'm supposed to be doing.  When I would lead the singing at RYS conventions I would feel like for one week I was doing exactly what I was created to do.  God has given me a good voice and the ability to get others to sing and I absolutely love doing that.  But this was the first time I was in a situation like this where I had no feeling of wondering if that was what I was born to do.  And I think it's because I truly feel like I am doing exactly what I was created to do, which is to be mommy to my 3 little guys.  I remember in a college developmental phycology class the professor asking us what our goal in life was and my answer was to be a wife and mom.  I remember that no one else gave that answer (which really surprised me :)) and others in my class (including my professor) acting surprised that that was my answer.  But it was true.  I loved my job at Providence Christian College and found it very fulfilling, but the whole time I worked there I just had a sense that that wasn't what I was supposed to do the rest of my life.  I hated it in my yearly reviews when I had to put down long term goals because I didn't think "become a wife and a mom" was acceptable :).  Thankfully I had a boss that understood where I was coming from and didn't push me to think big picture career.  I remember the day that we bought our mini-van and I was driving it to Arby's to pick up dinner and I felt like I had arrived at my goal, I had my mini-van :).  I am so thankful that it is possible for me to stay home with our boys, I know many who would love that opportunity and aren't able to.  Because I truly believe this is what God created me to do, to take care of and raise up Godly young men who will one day make wonderful husbands & fathers, leaders in the church, and citizens of this world (I have very high expectations for my little guys :)).  And all this was reminded to me at this concert when I realized I no longer had a longing to sing on stage :). 
Thanks for letting me get my thoughts out :)

And speaking of those 3 wonderful little guys :)  I just love them so much!!!

Sunday night I was in the nursery so I had brought my phone with me to church and was able to capture this picture of the twins giving a little concert before church :)

Having some Mommy Jonathan time at the grocery store.  I don't know what he was more excited about, having mommy all to himself or the cookie he got at the store :)
Steve is such a sport about reading books to the boys because they don't just want one book read, they want them all read, and we have a lot of books :)

I forgot a few things to get at the store Monday, so we had to go to the store again Tuesday after Bible Study which of course the boys didn't mind because that meant a cool cart to sit in and popcorn!
Steve's dad had to go out of town so we invited his mom over for dinner.  The boys were very excited to have her play games with them

Micah doesn't really ask if you want to play with him, he just gets out a game and tells you you're playing :)

David joined me for the fishing game.  He was very proud every time he "caught" a fish

Micah wanted to take a picture with my nice camera  :)  He has a hard time having to look through the view finder

And hasn't quite figured out how to focus

He even got Grandma to play Chutes and Ladders with him.  So much fun!
And now we're preparing ourselves for snow :(

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