Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 11.5.14

Not too exciting of a week around here.  It's been a bit cold and rainy, so not much time outside. :(  Friday (Halloween) was absolutely freezing.  Thankfully we have Micah believing that it is way more fun to hand out candy than to dress up and go get candy :) (not sure how long that will work but for now we're going with it).  Unfortunately it was so cold outside that we did not get very many trick-or-treaters which made for a sad Micah.  So his idea to remedy the problem of no one coming was to stand at the door and yell for people to come:
He even got Jonathan to help him out:

We did eventually get a handful of trick-or-treaters which made Micah pretty happy (and he's convinced they came because they heard him yelling).  In the afternoon Micah and I had decided it was a pumpkin pie kind of night so after all the trick-or-treaters had come, we got to enjoy some pumpkin pie:


Pie is so much better than candy :)

Here are my 3 sleepy boys in a Thomas the Tank Engine coma :)

Saturday night we decided to venture out to a restaurant with the boys.  This is always quite an outing because you never quite know how 3 little boys are going to handle waiting for a table and then waiting for their food.  But they did great!

Micah told us a number of times before our food came that he does not like waiting for his food :).  Thankfully it didn't take too long for us to get it and when he did get it, he chowed down.
We all chowed down :)

We stopped at Kohl's after dinner and the boys thought it was pretty fun getting to go through the store NOT in a stroller.  They were very good at staying by us.

Of course they did find things to jump off of, but hey, at least they were nearby :)

This Sunday we had Mission Emphasis at our church.  So I had the Sunday School kids sing "Clap De Hands."  Micah was so excited to sing in church, he even practiced in front of church Saturday morning when he went over with me to get some music ready.  And Sunday morning he was so excited to do it and practiced great before church.  And his grandparents came to watch him.  And this is what he did!:

Oh man, I could have wrung that kid's neck!  And I was the one leading them and oh boy was I giving him the "Micah cooperate" look but it didn't help. :)  So we'll see how the Christmas program goes :)
Of course then this morning I was doing something and hear this:
So he definitely knew the song, even the verses, just didn't want to do it in front of church!  I do have to remind myself that he is 3.  :)  But seriously, the kid always wants to sing in front of church with a microphone whenever we go early for me to practice!  Oh Micah!

Another, "Oh my children" moment!  So here we are all ready to go take family pictures.  Don't the boys look cute!  Yeah, I had gotten this great deal on Groupon for a 30 minute session and thought this would be great for a new family picture that we could use for a Christmas card and maybe I could also get a nice picture of the 3 boys together because I can never get them to cooperate for me.  Yeah, they were horrible.  Reminds me why I normally just take their pictures and don't spend money for them to be a pain for someone else taking their picture. :)  Jonathan was freaked because we were by water, even though no one was in their swimsuit and we promised him no one was going in the water.  It was sunny so Micah refused to look up because "the sun hurts his eyes" even though he never had to look at the sun.  And David, well David just ignored us.  So we'll see how they turn out.  If you get a Christmas card from us this year and it has all 3 boys smiling, you'll know the photographer was really good at photo shop :)

I think my guys are going to think we need to go to the grocery store every week after Bible Study because they are big fans of the cool carts and the popcorn

I have to say, I'm also a pretty big fan of a cart that they all fit in :)  And the popcorn keeps them cooperating :)

Oh, how can I get frustrated at those 3 sweet faces? :)  Just chalk it up to, that's life with 3 little boys! :)  

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