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Life with the Bussis- 3.11.15

Well, I think we are finally getting a taste of spring! I have seen some people complaining about the whole Daylight Savings Time thing but I'll be honest with you, I LOVE it! I love that it now stays light until past 8:00, and I love, love, love the fact that it doesn't get light till almost 8:00 in the morning because now my children will sleep past 7:00! So we're loving life over here :). Plus, it's actually started to warm up. So while some of you reading this may think 40 degrees sounds horribly cold, I'm getting hot in jean and a long sleeve shirt in this weather! :) We have had one consistent problem this week and that would be two little boys named David and Jonathan and naptime:
Oh, they have a jolly old time playing together when they're supposed to be sleeping, and seriously, if they weren't being so naughty I would think it's cute. Of course after this adorable conversation between them I went upstairs and found their room like this:
Drawer pulled out, pants taken out, humidifier knock over and the filter shredded. Monday afternoon when they were supposed to be sleeping I could hear them so I turned on the monitor to listen, but I couldn't hear them in the monitor. I went upstairs and found them in the bathroom, with the cupboards open, toilet bowl cleaner on the counter (thankfully not opened), ear wax removal medicine in hand, along with the Swiffer. So yesterday I put the gate up at their door so they couldn't escape their room. Heard a bunch of noise when they're supposed to be sleeping, go upstairs, find they have tipped the rocking chair over and are sitting on the back side of the back, stuck because their legs are through the slots! So I get them off the chair, right the chair, give their backsides a little swat, they go back to bed, I go downstairs. A few minutes later I hear noises again, I go back upstairs to find they are once again on the backside of the tipped over rocking chair!!! So today I took the chair out of their room. This time when I hear noise and go up there, I find they have dumped the dirty clothes out of the laundry basket and they're both sitting in the basket. :) And the biggest problem is it is so stink'n cute, but I have to not smile and act mad because they are really being naughty! It was really hard to act mad when I went up there again after the laundry basket incident to find them sitting on the floor together reading. I mean seriously, if they weren't supposed to be sleeping, so cute! Oh, maybe one of these days I will up them down for their nap and they will actually go to sleep! Maybe :)

But on to other things:
Micah got to use a scissors at the library last week and was pretty excited about it.
We went to an indoor pool and for some reason both David and Jonathan were pretty hesitant about it all until of course right before we were ready to leave, then all they wanted to do was go down this slide :)

They love Thomas!

One big accomplishment for me this week was getting all the new Christmas card pictures up before July!

Friday I had to go to the GEMS office and Costco and the boys were so very good they were treated to ice cream (which seemed like a very strange thing to want to eat when it was about 15 degrees outside :))
But David...


And Jonathan love their ice cream!!!
Steve and I went to the play put on by a local Christian Middle school that some of my GEMS girls were in. It wasn't a long play and since we had a babysitter, we decided to hit a bookstore. I love the look on Steve's face here. He's reading Dave Barry and has a big grin on his face :). (He picked a much more interesting book than the How to Write Uppercase Letters book I picked :))

Saturday morning at the racetrack :)

Our library had a Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash on Saturday. It started with some reading of Dr. Seuss books
Then a craft
And then the part my boys were waiting for, cake

And ended with balloons. I wanted a picture of my 3 boys with our Children's Librarian dressed up as the Cat in the Hat. As you can see, only Micah cooperated :)
These two were so proud of themselves Sunday afternoon when they came down from their naps all on their own (it took Micah 2 years to be able to do that, as in, he just started last week :))

My grocery store buddy. It was supposed to be David's turn but I asked him if he wanted to go and he said no. I asked him like 4 more times, are you sure you don't want to come with mommy? No. I said, "If you don't come I'm going to ask Jonathan if he wants to come so are you sure you don't want to come?" "No, I don't want to go to the store." So okay, I ask Jonathan and he says "Of course." And the second I open the coat closet David comes running saying he wants to come! And of course he was upset when I said Jonathan was going. We'll see if he remember this little episode next week when I ask him if he want to go. :)

This kid insisted he hold the swiss cheese the whole time and I kept telling myself, "don't forget to pay for it." So I'm almost done and thankfully see it in his hands so I take it to pay for it and the entire time it was out of his hands for me to pay for it, he screamed. Oh the tears were just pouring down his face. :) Such a silly boy! So of course he then had to hold it in the van. The minute I unbuckled his belt, he dropped it on the floor of the van, and that was that! :)

Since he didn't get to go to the store with me I let David help me make some blueberry muffins.

They were pretty excited to get to ride their toys outside. Of course, they found every puddle and rode through it, and then jump in it, their shoes were soaked!

Micah believes that if there is snow, he is going to play in it :)

One of the things I remember growing up is walking into the house after school to the smell of homemade cookies. I loved the fact that my mom was always there when I got home and that she would make snacks for us. So I love it when I get to have homemade treats for my boys to have when they get up from their "naps" (even if David and Jonathan really don't deserve those treats :)).

And they of course love it too
And this is the very sad face (tears included) of a little boy whose mommy would not let him have a second cookie :)
Micah got out the counting flashcards last night and learned how to put the numbers in order and count all the way to 50. He was pretty proud of himself.
In an attempt to keep the twins from destroying his neat rows of number we gave them the alphabet flashcards and this is how that went

It kept them occupied for maybe 2 minutes, but hey, that was 2 minutes they were not aggravating their brother :)
And that was life this week with these little guys!

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