Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 3.4.15

Well, we changed the calendar over the March and left behind the coldest February in Grand Rapids history. Unfortunately I'm thinking March is off to the coldest March :), but we are seeing warmer temperatures in the forecast, so here's to warmer days and maybe, just maybe being able to play outside again! Steve and Micah did bold the cold temperatures a couple days this past week and went sledding outside. It's sad when upper 20s sounds like warm weather :). But we've found ways to have fun indoors.
Watching some Sherriff Callie down in the basement. Even though it's a much older TV and not HD, they think it's so much more fun to watch TV in the basement :)

I mean, who wouldn't want to watch TV while sitting on a picnic table?

This was a big week in the twins' lives, they are now in toddler beds!!! I actually almost cried the first night when I left their room, it was just such a realization that they're no longer babies.

They did really well the first night (this is them the next morning). They went right to sleep without getting out of bed and stayed there till the next morning!

The next day we went to the mall and I had them run and run to hopefully wear them out so they'd take a good nap. They were so tired when we got home, barely hanging on in the van so I thought we had a chance that they'd nap well. Ha, ha, think again mommy! Their first nap not in a crib, not being contained, they took full advantage. Oh the stomping and playing that was going on in that room. I went in 3 times to tell them to get back into bed. They found every toy in their closet, pulled down their quilts on the wall, their room was a mess! Finally after about 2 hours all was quiet up there, so I went to take and peek and this is what I found:
I guess they decided they floor was more comfortable than their bed. :) I would have been very curious to know if they both just conked out at the same time, did one fall asleep and the other saw and decided that looked good, did they ever thing "hey, maybe I should just climb back in my bed?" :) Thankfully ever since this day they've always ended up back in their bed when they fall asleep.
So precious!

So very, very precious!

Jonathan is a big fan of this hat :)
Me and my sweet David

All 3 boys absolutely love playing with their train set. It doesn't really work so well when they all try to play on it at the same time (not so great at getting out of each others way :)), but they're pretty good at taking turns. And usually someone doesn't mind just playing with some trains on the kitchen table.
My 3 little cuties!!!

I got these Thomas shirts from my mom's neighbor's daughter :) and I finally put them on the boys on Sunday. They were pretty excited to have Thomas on their shirts!

Jonathan, my grocery buddy on Monday. You would never guess from this picture that about 20 minutes later, while in the checkout line, he threw up! Yeah, all over the place, including the 3 gallons of milk and my purse that was underneath him :) But honestly, I was kind of glad he did it there in the grocery store that was easy to mop up as opposed to a few minutes later in my van :). He didn't throw up again and no one else got sick, so I'm think he just stuffed the cookie he was eating too far back in his throat and made himself throw up. My boys have a problem of stuffing too much in their mouth. On Saturday night we were at some friends' house having dinner and David stuffed so much in his mouth he threw up right there at the table. Oh boys, when will you learn to just eat slow? :) But very thankful that no one else has gotten sick!

Hanging out with Mommy after getting a much needed bath.
Steve took Micah bowling Monday afternoon and I sent a camera along for them to get some pictures. Here's what they came home with

Micah thoroughly enjoyed both getting to go with Daddy by himself and getting to bowl. I think Steve enjoyed it just as much too!
You think he's watched me measure myself a few times? :)

Of course then Micah also had to measure himself.
And then a few minutes later and looked over and lo and behold, David was sitting in the middle of the table!!!

Last night Micah and I played some Wii Sports and sadly, he legitimately (Steve only lined him up, he had to do all the swinging) beat me by 4 strokes in golf (he also later beat me by like 40 pins in bowling!). He was pretty proud of himself!
So the twins are constantly quoting from different Thomas episodes. Lately their favorite is the one where a camera gets broken. Here's the episode:
And here's Jonathan's reenactment of it (he's using Lego blocks as his camera):
Never a dull moment over here :)

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