Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 3.18.15

We've had another good week with some nice weather so we could play outside which is always a bonus. The boys got a nasty cough but I'm starting to think that might be allergies.
The boys continue to love all things Thomas, the show, the books, the shirts :)

They're all just too cute!

The other day Micah just randomly decided he wanted to pick up the toys. I love it when he does that! I wanted to take a picture of him in the nice clean room, and of course David thought he should jump in, even though he provided absolutely no help in the picking up process

My proud boy!

March 11- Our first walk of the year!!! Looking forward to many more of those!

Not sure that truck was meant to ride on snow :). Amazingly all that snow is gone now!!!

We had a prayer service last Wednesday night and Jonathan had some cake afterwards. You can't see it very well on this pictures, but he had frosting all around his mouth :) He was one happy boy!

We had a play date over at church one day. Micah talked Jonathan into giving him and his friend Isaac a ride.
March 12- First grilling of the year!!! Looking forward to many more of these too!

I had a few things to get at the mall and they boys were so good while I shopped, so they got to play on the playground

He thinks he's pretty big stuff
So does Jonathan
Steve and I got to have a date night Friday night. We went out to dinner and to a play with our good friends Zach and Kasey. I remembered to snap a picture as we waited (forever!) for the people in our row to exit the row (yeah, the orchestra had stopped playing by the time they finally decided to start moving and it's not like at a ball game where you can just climb over the seats to the next row). The picture wasn't super clear so I decided to take another picture:

And Kasey decided to photo bomb that one :)
While Steve and I were on our date Micah got to have a sleepover at his cousin Bentley's house. This included a trip to the fire station where Uncle Adam is a volunteer firefighter. He looks pretty happy up there in the truck

And then he got to do something he thought was so exciting, he got to pick out his own little ice cream carton of whatever flavor he wanted. This was seriously a big a deal for him. :) 

And the next morning he got to play with Play Doh in his pajamas, seriously fun!
David and Jonathan got to spend the night at Grandma's house. So everyone had a fun weekend!
These two just crack me up! They are so cute to watch play together and they always keep us entertained!

And they really are monkeys too! They love to get in my bed after I've made it and make it a mess!

It has been David's turn to come with me to the grocery store the last couple of weeks and he keeps saying he doesn't want to go (and then gets upset when someone else leaves with me). I finally convinced him to come with me this week. And as you can see, he love it! :)
He kept trying to grab stuff out of the cart to hold so I finally gave him a ketchup bottle to hold. I then grabbed an orange juice and set it in the seat next to him. I turned to grab something off the shelf and when I turned back he had chucked the ketchup in the cart and was holding the OJ and said to me "Mommy, I hold the big one!" :) So cute!! And he held that OJ until we had to pay for it
Eating a banana for a snack to hold them over until lunch. All 3 of these boys have been eating like crazy lately. I can't even imagine what the grocery bill is going to be when they are all teenagers!

Micah can never be left out of getting his picture taken, so here he is too :)

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