Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 3.25.15

We've been having lots of fun over here. It's been pretty cold, so the fun has been mostly indoors, but we're rolling with it. :)
Micah having a post-nap snack and playing some Trouble with mommy, does it get any better than that?

Playing outside. Notice all the nice grass showing now and where do they go? On the little bit of snow that's left :)
We had another Plan and Learn at a local elementary school. The boys loved playing in the "sandbox" (a tub filled with oatmeal and coffee). I'm thinking they are going to spend many hours this summer playing in their sandbox
And of course they found a train set to play with
Micah and Jonathan got into the singing (David didn't want to stop playing with trains to sing :))
Micah thought he needed to hold David's hand while we were walking to the van afterwards and amazingly David didn't fight him :)
Showing off the name train he made. Micah has gotten pretty good at writing his name
He even signed his name for the first time on a card!
Had to make a mid-week trip to the grocery store so the boys all came along. Our local grocery store doesn't have a cool stroller they all fit in, so this is how we do it here

Micah continues to love puzzles and is pretty good at doing almost all of it by himself!

Saturday night we went to Steve's parents house for dinner and they had little cupcakes for the boys for dessert. They were a big hit

Jonathan managed to get the chocolate frosting all across his face, I'm not sure how much actually got in his mouth :)

The twins loved playing with cousin Morgan

It was so funny to watch because she kept looking back and forth between them, we think she was trying to figure out why there were two of them :)
This is what Monday mornings look like at our house

David was pretending he was sleeping, while sitting in Steve's lap :)

I decided to do my workout while the boys were up and was reminded why I usually do it while they're napping. Micah is a very good workout buddy...

David however, is not :) Push ups are hard enough to do and then he climbs on your back. My arms got an even harder workout that intended.

He's pretty proud of his pushups

He lasted about 20 minutes doing the workout with me and then decided he was done. :)

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