Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daddy's Little Helper

Micah is not only a great helper in the kitchen, we discovered yesterday he is an excellent snow shoveler.  Well, excellent might not be the right word, willing is more like it.  :)  Of course, we didn't have a shovel his size, so he got to use a gardening shovel, but he didn't mind.  Unfortunately we've had about 4 more inches of snow since they shoveled, so it was for naught, but he sure did have fun doing it.

Totally unrelated to shoveling snow, I just got Boppies for the boys so now they all have their own seats (Micah got that red chair for Christmas from Steve's parents).  This picture helps me understand why I'm tired all the time, I have 3 little boys!!! :) But they're such cute little boys it's worth all the energy!

1 comment:

  1. Oh that looks so very cold!! But at least now if it snows next month when Tracie and I come and Steve is gone...we have someone who can go out and shovel the sidewalk for us!!