Thursday, January 10, 2013

Micah turns 2!!!

Micah turned 2 this past Tuesday, on January 8.  It's hard to believe my little boy is 2 years old!  But then if I think about the fact that he's my oldest of 3, it's probably about time he turned 2. :)  He had his 2 year doctor's appointment today.  He was 34.5" tall (53%), 29 lb 10 oz (70%) and his head circumference was 19.29" (60%).  The doctor said he is doing great!  He is very healthy and seems to be right where he should be developmentally.  The only thing he doesn't do that I guess most 2 year old do is want to take off his cloths. :)  He must like the cloths he has because he never tries to take them off.  But if that's the only thing he doesn't do normal, I'm totally okay with that.  And so I guess it makes sense then that the only time he cried during his appointment besides when he got his shot was when I had to take his shirt and pants off. :) 
Micah is such a joy and brings much fun and laughter to our house.  His favorite playmate would definitely be his daddy.  Poor Steve, he gets home from work and pretty much has to chase Micah or play ball for the rest of the night till Micah goes to bed.  But I think he loves it just as much as Micah. 
Micah definitely has a love for all things related to sports.  He also loves to read, color and paint, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, VeggieTales and the movie Cars, help Mommy in the kitchen, play with his cars and trucks, and run run run around the house. 
Micah's vocabulary is expanding everyday, we definitely have to watch what we say and what we have on the TV.  It's so fun to hear him put words together and start to say phrases and sentences.  Steve and I are pretty good at understanding what he is saying, others have a hard time. 
For his birthday we had a party at our house with Steve's parents, grandparent and sister's family (Julie's family doesn't live around here:( ).  Here are some pictures from the party:
His cake Mommy made for him with Lightning McQueen and Mater 

Present Time

He was very excited to have Lightning and Mater on his cake

He even blew out the candles all on his own

Playing with cousin Bentley

On his actual birthday he got to go out to lunch just him and Mommy.
Our favorite place to go to lunch is Qdoba so that's where we went

Chowing down on his chicken quesadilla

and applesauce
(I forgot a bib so we did the whole tuck the napkin in your shirt which he thought was kind of silly but thankfully went along with it)

After lunch we went to Toys 'R Us where he got to spend his $3 he got from the Geoffrey Birthday Club.  He picked out a Cars bucket (you see a theme here :))
At night we ate at home with just our little family.  I had so much frosting left over from making his cake that I decided to just make another one.  Micah absolutely loves cake.  He calls it "pie" and would have it for breakfast lunch and dinner if we let him (which of course we don't :))

He got a growth chart at his birthday party so on his birthday we put it up and did an official measuring.  Looking forward to watching him grow in the coming years!

If Micah could say so, I'm sure he'd tell you he had a wonderful birthday!  We love you Micah!!!

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  1. Happy belated birthday blessings to Micah. Loved the story and pictures.