Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 15

Jonathan (left)- 15.9 pounds
David (right)- 12.8 pounds

I feel like we finally have our boys back to normal.  Hopefully we won't get any more colds this season.  The big news for the week is David slept through the night 5 of the past 7 nights!!!  We are almost there.  And a couple of the days they slept till 8 which was wonderful!  But the other days it's been between 7:15 and 7:30, so also wonderful.  And then they're usually awake about 2 hours and then they go down for a 2-2 1/2 hour nap, giving Micah and Mommy lots of one-on-one time.  They are very smiley and happy boys and even starting to laugh which is the sweetest sound.  David still at times thinks he needs to be held all the time after being held a lot while sick.  And unfortunately in a house with 3 children, it's just not possible to be held all the time. :)  I've noticed in the last couple of days that David really watches Micah when he's playing around him.  And Micah has grown to absolutely love his brothers.  It is so fun to watch him take care of them and play with them.  He loves it when I have them in their Bumbos; he'll just sit in front of them and shakes a rattle at them or gives them a toy.  And just this afternoon he decided first he wanted to hold them and then when he was done with that he decided he wanted to read to them.  So there he sat on the recliner with Jonathan reading him "Are You My Mother."  It was adorable.  At the parts where the bird asks the dog, cow, etc. if they are his mother, this is what Micah would say: "Woof, woof... no...Moo,,"  So cute!  I wished I could have gotten a picture of it but my camera was in the other room and I was too nervous to leave him alone with Jonathan on the recliner. :)  I'm thinking he'll want to do it again so hopefully next time my camera is close by.  Both boys are continuing to grow although Jonathan continues to grow at a greater rate at times.  I'll be curious what percentile they're both in at their 4 month appointment in a couple of weeks.  Jonathan is a pound heavier than Micah was at his 4 month appointment and he still has 3 weeks to go!  We shall see.  So lots of fun going on over here with all my boys!!!  

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  1. Those look like really happy little boys!! They must really like "Story Time" with their big brother!! Can't wait to see them in a few weeks and maybe Micah will read me a book too! :-)