Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 12

Jonathan (left)- 14.3 pounds
David (right) 11.9 pounds
We have had a very good week.  The boys are full of smiles every day and crying less and less which is wonderful.  Our house is much more enjoyable now that we don't have constant crying, especially during the evening.  My goal this week was trying to get the boys on the same formula (Jonathan had been on Kirkland- Costco brand and David had been on Similac Sensitive).  So I tried them both on Similac Advance.  I actually feel like both of the boys spit up less on this, but David was just not a fan.  It was such a fight to get him to eat his whole bottle, so I finally gave in and put him back on Similac Sensitive and he is eating much better.  Similac Sensitive is for lactose sensitivity.  Micah had to be on Similac Sensitive till he was 9 months old and he drinks milk and eats dairy products just fine, so I'm not worried about David having to be on it, it just would have been nice if they were eating the same formula.  And since I bought 6 big containers of Similac Advance at Costco, Jonathan gets to eat the good stuff for the next couple of months. :)  Their night sleeping is the same, an occasional night of sleeping 9+ hours and then back to waking up once.  But still no complaints, they are doing very well and still take great naps during the day.  They are currently both wearing 3 month cloths, so it's fun to get to dress them alike at times.  Because of their size difference I have no trouble telling them apart, so dressing them alike doesn't make it difficult. :) 

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  1. So fun to see all these pictures of your little guys! They look like they are very happy campers!! Way to go Mama Julie!!!