Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week 41

Jonathan (left)- 21.2 pounds
David (right)- 19.6 pounds
These pictures depict our life right now, these boys are ALWAYS on the go!!!  Both have managed to get their way over to the step by the hallway to our garage and go down it, Jonathan gracefully (he's the army crawler so I think he just slithered down), David not so gracefully.  And they get into everything, all the time.  Did I mention they never stop moving! :)  David has figured out how to crawl like kids normally do, so he's the fast one, but Jonathan manages to get places pretty quick with his army crawl.  Never a dull moment over here.  Both boys have not had a fever since Thursday night, but they continue to be very fussy.  So not only do we have boys on the move, we have fussy boys on the move that can follow you wherever you go.  I don't know if it's because of teething, if it's still connected to the virus they had, if they're hungry because they still aren't eating that well, or a combination of all the above.  I'm very ready to have my happy boys back.  Amidst being sick Jonathan got his 5th tooth, another top one.  And both him and David are now working on their 6th tooth, their other top tooth. 
We had a really fun weekend.  Friends of ours from Iowa stayed with us Saturday night.  They have a 5 and 3 year old so it was really fun to watch Micah interact with them.  He loved having them here.  Some other friends of ours came over Saturday night too.  We hadn't all gotten together since the night before our wedding, so it was great to get to visit again.  And of course we can't all get together and not play a game and I just have to say, the girls dominated the guys in Cranium!  :) 
We're having a "staycation" this week.  We realized Steve had not taken vacation since last August, so we were ready for a week off, but the thought of going somewhere and having to pack everything up and figure out food was just way more work than sounded fun.  So we decided to just stay home and do things around here.  Steve and I did go to Detroit Tuesday and Wednesday (the reason this blog is a day late :)) to go to a Tigers game.  We had a great time and got to see an awesome game.  Steve's mom graciously took vacation time to stay home and watch our kids.  I told Steve it was funny that we took vacation to get away from our kids and his mom took vacation to watch our kids. :)   
So do you think this little guys is getting ready to stand up? :) 
After being cooped up for a couple days with sick kids we just had to get out so we decided to go to a bike trail.  I walked with the twins...

And Steve rollerbladed while pushing Micah in the bike trailer

One day Steve stayed home with the twins and I went with Micah and Steve's mom to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum.  That place is awesome!  Micah loved it.  Here is he shopping for groceries

Then he went to the kitchen and made some "nums"

And served them to Nana

He loves being in the kitchen and of course you must have an apron on if you are cooking

One of his favorite parts- the bubbles

They had this cool thing where you make a bubble around you.  Notice how there is no one else there.  We got there right at 9:30 when it opened and I think we were the first people there which was great.  By about 10:30 this place was packed with kids. 

It's a really interesting place because there are no instructions for how to do anything.  They want the kids to use their imaginations.  But this was one thing I could figure out, hats go on the head :)

Micah's other favorite part of the museum, the sand box

Steve and I on our way to Detroit.  It has become a tradition that whenever we have to drive somewhere I just make lunch for us and we eat it at a rest stop, so that's what we're doing here.

I love the show Cupcake Wars and there is a Cupcake shop in Detroit that won on that show.  We went there last year when we went to Detroit, so we had to stop again.  Seriously the best cupcake you'll ever have.  This year we got a chocolate peanut butter cupcake.  It literally tasted like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Steve enjoy the cupcake.  He did share it with me :)

At Comerica Park watching batting practice.

We were super excited when we found out Steven Strasburg would be pitching for the Nationals at the game we were going to.  I had to take a picture in case he is ever in the hall of fame :)

And if I'm trying to get a picture of someone in the hall of fame this is really the guy to take a picture of, Miguel Cabrera.  We had a fun time and it was the best kind of game to go to.  The Tigers won, we saw a grand slam, and it was done in 2 1/2 hours! 
Hopefully next week I'll be able to report that we have our happy boys back!  

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