Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 44


And we're done :)
Jonathan (left)- 22 pounds
David (right)- 20.7 pounds
This will give you a little glimpse into my week- so Thursday Jonathan ate a piece of leather, a piece of a big physical theory exercise rubberband, a napkin he found in the diaper bag, and piece of Micah's letter flashcards.  Thankfully I was able to get everything but the piece of leather out of his mouth before he swallowed (that will pass, right? :)).  He also gave himself a black eye from pulling a book down on himself.  Friday, I found a grey hair. :)  So that is life over here.  They are getting into everything and fast.  But they just are so cute doing it. :)  And hey, I can color my hair, right? :) So we've been trying to find things to do that will keep them out of trouble: 

Trip to Costco, we love their double-seat carts! 
They can't get into trouble if they're tied into a cart!

Mommy holds them in her lap

I had to go to the grocery store earlier on Monday than I usually do (I usually go during their morning nap), so I told Steve I'd take one of the boys with me.  It wasn't hard to decide which one I should take- Jonathan.  I sent this picture to my mom and she asked what Jonathan did to deserve being the special one to get to go with mommy.  My answer- he's the one who gets into the most trouble at home. :)
Another thing I did to try to keep them out of trouble is we walked to church and played in the fellowship hall/gym.  It was great- they could crawl around, get energy out, but there wasn't much to pull up on or eat :).
I love how Jonathan spins in a circle :)  David does the same thing

Plus it really wore them out :)

Saturday I went with the boys to my uncle & aunt's house in Holland to visit with them and my visiting cousins.  On the way home we stopped at Qdoba for lunch.  The twins loved getting to sit in the high chairs.

Don't they look so spiffy in their vest shirts and their hair spiked?

I love Jonathan's expression in this one :)

Micah could care less about how spiffy his brothers look, he just likes getting to drink out of a big cup and straw 

So another downfall of quick crawlers is I have a fear of opening the oven all the way.  But unfortunately this is what happens, I bumped my arm on the semi-open door. :(

Jonathan has a new thing- he sleeps with his butt up in the air :)

David just face plants it
 But at least they fall asleep, eventually.  The above pictures were from their morning nap.  I put them down for their afternoon naps and went and checked on them 20 minutes later.  This is what I found:

Silly boys.  But we love them anyways.  I mean, how can you not love all these boys:

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  1. Oh this just made me laugh! Seeing the twins standing up with those sweet grins on their faces when they were supposed to be sleeping is just a glimpse of the mischief that they will get in together!! Watch out Julie!! So cute...can't wait to see you all in 19 days. That is going to be just so absolutely wonderful!!!