Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 43

Jonathan- 21.8 pounds
David- 20.7 pounds

Both boys are doing great although I have to say I seriously think they are getting more teeth!  They both are still drooling like crazy and chewing on their fingers like they're starving!  But thankfully they're staying pretty happy.  As you can see they both can stand up next to things.  Saturday Jonathan pulled himself up for the first time and is now expertly pulling himself up on everything he can.  Unfortunately for him the first time he did it he was standing over Micah so he didn't stay up long as Micah proceeded to push him down. :)  What are big brothers for right? :) Here he is standing up:

And then just tonight David pulled himself up for the first time (I'll have to get a video of him this coming week)!  No cruising yet, their feet stay where they are when they stand up. :)  I put the exersaucer, playmat and bouncer away in the basement this week, it's so nice to get some floor space back, my living room seems so much bigger.  As you can see from their weights David is slowly but surely catching up to Jonathan.  One other fun thing this week is Micah has started calling them by their names (well, he calls them "Jon" and "Dave"- only he is allowed to do that :)) and it is amazing that almost every time he gets it right who is who.  It is really fun to see all the boys play together.  Micah seems to like it more and more everyday getting to play with his brothers.  Sometimes he gets frustrated that they don't understand what he is telling them. But he really is so sweet to them.  David and Jonathan are starting to play together, but that more consists of them stealing each other's toys:

There truly never is a dull moment over here.  Someone is always moving, always getting into something they're not supposed to, something is always being thrown.  Boys definitely rule over here.  But life continues to be good.
Here's some pictures from our week:
As you can see, this is a picture Micah took.  Steve and I were quite impressed.  He is taking a picture of his reflection in the oven door, quite the photographer that boy.

Steve had an elders meeting on Monday so the boys and I walked down to the playground.  Micah was so easy at this age, he did not like grass, so you could put him on a blanket and know he would not get off of it because that required touching the grass.  As you can see, David does not have the same problem. :)  And Jonathan seems to think grass tastes good because he is constantly trying to eat it.

This is a car Micah got from a couple at church after the twins were born.  It used to be able to ride on its own.  Then one day Micah decided he wanted to take it to the playground and have it ride down the slide.  Each time it came down the slide something broke on it.  First the battery cover came off, then the axle broke, then the battery pack came detached, etc. So we took it home, taped it up and as you can see on the next video- "No Broke!" :)
Micah would consider this week a good week because 2 nights in a row he got to "eat bye-bye".  Friday night we went to a lady from church's house to watch a car cruise and ate dinner on her lawn and then Saturday night for my birthday we picked up dinner and ate at the CRC Conference grounds

Micah and I were playing with his beach ball one morning, hitting it to each other, well, I would hit it to him and he would just hit it up.  And one of the times he hit it he somehow got it stuck in the curtain.  He was quite proud of himself.  We had to keep it up there for a couple of hours until Steve came home for lunch so Daddy could see it :)

I got a new ice cream maker for my birthday.  The motor on my old one was shot.  But the bucket was perfectly fine and I always thought it looked like a trash can so I decided we would just put it in the spare bedroom but it just looked boring so I asked Micah if he wanted to color it, he thought that was a fun idea.  So "Nana's room" (what Micah calls our spare room) now has a fun trash can.

The twins woke up early from their nap the other day so I decided they still needed to rest so I laid them on the floor and put Praise Baby on.  They actually stayed laying there for at least 10 minutes :)

Play time is so much fun.  I love when they all play together

Micah told me he needed to feed Teddy.  So I put Teddy in the high chair and gave him a bowl and spoon and bottle.  Well, there was a can of Puffs on the table.  Micah decided that's what Teddy needed to eat so he would put a Puff on the spoon and give it to Teddy...

and then proceed to eat it himself. :)  Silly boy

And lastly, on the garden front, my tomatoes are doing great!!! :)
Hope you have a wonderful week!

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