Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 45


And the sign is done

But who's going to get it?

Looks like David

And he's off with it

Jonathan does not give up easily

And he ends up with it, only to have Mommy take it before he eats it :)

Jonathan (right)- 22.0 pounds
David (left)- 20.7 pounds

Two big things happened this week.  First off, David got another tooth.  He was sitting on my lap this morning and I looked down at him and noticed that he had another tooth in there. :)  So he now has 4 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth.  And secondly, both boys got their first hair cut.  Their hair was starting to get really thick on top and was kind of driving me nuts, so I decided to just sit them on my lap outside and give it a cut.
Jonathan go to go first while David watched

All done

David's turn

And all done

Look at those handsome little fellas!
We went to a couple of playgrounds this week.  First we rode our bikes to the playgound at the public school.  It has a super big sandbox.  David had no problem crawling around in the sand:
 Jonathan preferred to just stay on the sheet

Then on Friday we went to a big park with Steve's parents and sister and her family.  More fun on the playground!

 I pulled out our bean plants and Micah has been loving playing in the dirt with his cars 

The twins aren't always such a fan of just looking on

All the toys around them and they fight over a water bottle :)
Micah helped me make Death By Chocolate for my Norwex party on Monday night.  He is very good at whisking the pudding

Micah all proud of the finished product

He told me he wanted to eat it right away and I told him we had to wait until at night and then we were going to share it.  He didn't agree :)

The twins continue to climb on EVERYTHING.  Unfortunately that means they also fall on a lot of things and end up with a few marks on their heads. :)  One of my favorite things they do is if you sit on the floor they usually crawl over to you and try to climb on you.  
Micah's night time diapers have Buzz Lightyear on them.  Steve taught him that Buzz says "to infinity and beyond!" and that his friend is Woody the cowboy and he says "YeHaa"  This is Micah's interpretation of that: :)
And finally, here are some of the twin's 9 month pictures, Enjoy!




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