Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Week 42


And they're off :)

Micah jumps in

And Jonathan goes after him :)

All David wanted to do was climb on Mommy
Jonathan (left)- 21.6 pounds
David (right)- 20.3 pounds
I am happy to report that we have two happy little boys in our midst again!  And it is wonderful!!!  They are so much happier these days and just seem to be loving life.  Both now have 6 teeth- 4 on top, 2 on the bottom.  Hopefully we'll have a little break from teething for a while.  They are crawling around like crazy, getting into everything they are not supposed to have, and trying to pull themselves up on things such as the trash can and the end table that tips over easily. :) 
We had a great rest of our staycation.  Thursday we went to my grandparents' house.  They live on a small lake and Micah loved getting to ride on a "wow boat."  Friday I got to have a mall date with just me and Micah.  We had so much fun. 
He got to ride on the "horsey"

I realized why Steve usually goes on this with him, I'm not such a fan of going around and around and around and around... :) 
We had so much fun together.  I realized it's important for Steve and I to spend time one-on-one with Micah and the twins too as they grow up. 

I'm pretty sure Micah's favorite part of the mall was the kid level sink in the family restroom.  He washed his hands 4 times! 

On Saturday we went for a bike ride with Steve's parents.  Halfway through the ride we end up at an Arnies for lunch :)  This was the twins first time getting to sit in a high chair at a restaurant.  They quite enjoyed it

Micah was pretty excited to move up to a booster seat instead of a high chair

Loving being at the table

They did eventually think they needed to get out.  I mean, Grandpa and Grandma were just sitting there :)

The best part of Arnies is you get a free cupcake.  Micah was very excited about that

He ate the whole thing all by himself
Back in their trailers all ready to go
Must be comfy in there

Then Sunday we went to church in the morning at the CRC Conference Grounds and then headed down to the beach to eat lunch and hang out

Micah is a big fan of eating bye bye  I'm afraid he is going to be very disappointed next week when we don't go to church at the lake and eat by the water :) 
He loved playing in the sand...

And running on the sand

Grandpa and Grandma joined us for lunch.  David and Jonathan were just fine with that :)

The water was 66 degrees but that didn't bother Micah one bit 
They did this over and over and over.
Then Monday we ventured out to Famous Daves.  We figured first off, it's Monday so it won't be busy and secondly, it was a little more 9 month old friendly then a restaurant like Olive Garden :) 

Other than that, we've just been hanging around having fun together.
Can't believe it's week 42 which means only 10 more weeks till they turn 1!  Yikes! :)  

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  1. Loved seeing another week of life with your boys! Can't believe how much Jonathan and David are growing up!! And David has made some good progress in catching up with Jonathan in weight! Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks...this grandma has lots of time to make up playing with those little guys!!!