Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life wiith the Bussis'- 11.13.13

Big news in the Bussis house, Micah went potty on the toilet!  And the floor, but mostly in the toilet! :)  We have been talking to him about going on the toilet for the last couple of months and he has never shown interest (my pediatrician told me with boys it's close to 3 before they are interested in potty training and until they show an interest it is not worth it).  So I got serious this week, I pulled out the M&Ms. :)  I put them in a jar on the counter and told Micah if he goes potty on the toilet he gets 5 M&Ms and if he goes poop he gets 10.  So we have reached the first step.  I know we have a very long way to go, but it's nice to know we're headed in the right direction to move from 3 kids in diapers down to 2. 
We have had a pretty non eventful week.  We have spent a lot of time telling the boys no and playing referee to the twins as they try to take the other one's toy.  We had to remove most of the plastic tubs in our house (that were holding toys so now I just have toys all over the floor) because they were fighting over who got to sit in it or climb on it. 
Looks like I have to get rid of this one too
It's so fun to watch them play together, until they start fighting over a toy. :)  All three get along really well which is awesome.
One problem we have had this week is Micah is taking forever to eat.  The last couple of days he has spent over 2 hours a day in his high chair eating 3 meals!  It is getting very frustrating.  And it's not like he's refusing to eat and we tell him he has to sit there until he's done eating, we try to tell him he is done and he gets upset.  The twins on the other hand, eat like champions:

 They may be messy, but they get the job done

It was really cold on Sunday but Micah decided that he wanted to play outside in the dirt, so that's what he did

Here he discovered some water in the dishwasher door after Steve emptied it so he thought it was a great place to give his truck a wash
Micah continues to love to help with the twins.  And sometimes it really is help, like here where he's giving the twins their lunch while I got our lunch ready
The twins discovered something on Saturday night that makes me not so excited.  They discovered they can climb on top of our ottomans!  And the worst part is when they get to the top they like to stand up.  So there's another reason I can't take my eyes off them.  Micah was never a climber, I'm discovering that was a blessing. :)
These boys also continue to be big stinkers.  Jonathan is usually my sweetie who will run and give me a hug.  So I thought I'd get a video of him doing that:
Such a stinker. :)  He thought he was hilarious of course. 
I took the boys one year pictures a couple weeks ago and finally finished editing them.  Here's a peak at a few of them:



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