Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life With the Bussis'- 11.20.13

Life with the Bussis children, well, let's see.  Depends on what time of the day you're asking.  If it's right after baths, before bedtime and the twins are on my lap and Micah's sitting next to me and I'm reading them a book, I'd tell you it just doesn't get better than this.  If it's 1:00 in the afternoon and Micah is still sitting in his high chair slowly eating his lunch and the twins are getting into the trash and my piano music and pulling on the blinds, I'd tell you it's just a bit exasperating. :)  It makes sense, Micah is acting like a normal 2 year old and Jonathan is acting like a normal 1 year old and David is acting like a normal 1 year old.  The problem is you put all that together and you reach the point where you think you might just go nuts. :)  You reach the point where you are sick of having your kitchen trash can in the bathroom and sick of having to have your blinds raised up a foot so they can't reach them and sick of stepping on toys because they insist on getting everything out and having them all over the place and sick of playing referee because they have to have whatever the other one has...and then you take a deep breath and look at this:
And this:
And this:
And you thank the Lord for allowing you to be the mommy of these 3 precious, very normal little guys and ask Him to give you the strength and patience you need to be a good mommy.  Can you tell today was one of those very exasperating days. :)  I think one of the biggest problems is it has gotten cold here (and windy) so we can't go outside and the twins have colds so we haven't gone anywhere and I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy with all these boys stuck in the house.  We are definitely going to have to plan outings every week or this is going to be one very long winter.

One great place to go is Target- look at this cart!  Every store needs these carts!  It is a cart made with the Bussis boys in mind. :) 

Another great perk of outings: they wear the boys out :)

 During one of the times the twins were getting into everything they found my big gingerbread man cookie pan.  Micah asked what it was and when I told him he of course thought we needed to make one. :)  I talked him into doing a chocolate chip cookie man.  As long as he got to decorate it, he didn't care what it was made of :). 

 I tried to take a picture of all the boys Sunday morning after church because they all just looked so cute.  Instead of sitting nice for me Jonathan ran away and Micah tackled David :).  But then Micah said he wanted his picture taken.  Silly boys.
We had crazy weather here Sunday afternoon, evening church even ended up getting cancelled.  It was blowing like crazy and raining sideways.  Then we looked out the window and saw a rainbow.  It actually was a double rainbow, on the below picture you can kind of see the second one at the very bottom of the rainbow.  But the one rainbow you could see the whole thing from one side to the other.  I couldn't get it all in one picture so you have to piece the three together to get the picture. :) 

It was so cute, Steve took Micah outside to see it and Micah said "God made that." There's a rainbow on the front of his children's Bible so he's very up on what the rainbow is about :)
All our boys love to read which is so wonderful.  I feel like since we've started going to story time at the library every week they have gotten so interested in it.  The twins constantly are getting a book and bringing it to you to read.  And my favorite is when Micah wants to read to them. 
Jonathan has discovered he enjoys playing with Micah's computers. 

And then he decides they need to be sat on. :)  David does this too :) 
And I'll leave you with this fun video :)
And I'm sure after watching this video my mom is saying "how could you ever be exasperated with these adorable little guys" :).  Oh, it happens :) 

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