Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Life with the Bussis'- 11.6.13

Big news over here...
We now have 2 walking one-year-olds!!!
David just started taking a few steps a few days ago and then last night he just kind of took off.  Life with these 3 busy boys is, well, busy and exhausting at times.  I spend a lot of time saying no and taking things away from them that they are not supposed to have like magazines and Kleenexes and the trash can and Micah's water cup and the remote and the list goes on and on. :)  With two of them there just is always something going on. :)  But even though they are getting busier and into more things, they're also really becoming their own person and it's so fun to watch.  They really have quite different personalities, David is more low-key, he is fine playing by himself.  Jonathan likes to be in the middle of things and is a bit more dramatic.  My favorite thing with both of them these days is to get down on my knees, put my arms out and have them run to me to give me a hug.  It is so very sweet.  And speaking of sweet, I just have to tell you about my incredibly sweet 2 1/2 year old.  So the other day he and I were going to the grocery store and I told him he was my favorite 2 year old.  I asked him if I was his favorite mommy (really setting myself up there:)) and his response was "Mommy, you're my favorite mommy.  I love you so much!"  Oh, just melted my heart.  Then the other night he was playing with the twins and he just randomly said "Jonathan, I love you so much, David, I love you so much!"  It's good to know that he really does love his brothers, even though they take his things sometimes. :)
So Jonathan and David's sleeping hasn't been the best.  First there was the time change which was way more fun before kids. :)  And David is just having a rough time with this molar coming in.  I've been up with him in the middle of the night a couple of times.  Hopefully it comes in all the way soon and then we'll just get to wait for the next 3 to come in. :)  
Here's a glimpse at our fun boys:
We've discovered that we can't leave Jonathan in just his diaper because he likes to do this:
Notice the diaper is no longer on his butt :)  He thinks he's hilarious.
We went to a really fun children's bookstore in Grand Rapids.  The boys enjoyed having myself and Barb (a lady from our church that helps me out a lot) chase them around the store:)

They had a really fun train set the boys got to play with

Micah's favorite part was the Koi pond in the middle of the mall.  He didn't understand why there was money at the bottom :)

Jonathan tried really hard to climb over that wall into the pond.  The kid is seriously a climber
It was a cold rainy day today so Micah and I decided to make pumpkin cookies so he could decorate them.

After we were done decorating I noticed Micah's ear :)  Never a dull moment over here

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