Friday, March 21, 2014

Fun Food Friday- Mexican Caesar Wraps

I learned how to make these from the lady who ran the food services at Providence Christian College.  They are SO good and seriously so easy to make.  One year I ran the kitchen for a summer group we had staying at Providence and I made them and one of the girls asked me where we got them from.  I told her I made them and she didn't believe me, she said they had to be from a restaurant.  So yes, they are that good.  So if you're having a lunch at your house and want to impress I highly recommend these.  Or if you just want to make an easy treat for yourself, this will do the trick too. :)  They also work great to take somewhere.  When we lived in California I would make them to take with us to Dodger games (Dodger Stadium is nice that they actually let you bring your own food in :)).  Or if you're going on a picnic, see, the possibilities are endless. :)  I cooked the chicken but you can also use a rotisserie chicken or sometimes I use the Tyson frozen chicken breast strips, all work just great.  Okay, here we go, Mexican Caesar Wraps:
Ingredients: Cooked Chicken, Romaine Lettuce (iceberg works just fine too), Shredded Parmesan Cheese, Tortilla Strips, Caesar Dressing, Taco Seasoning, Flour Tortillas
I thought I'd just show you how I made my chicken because it makes really yummy chicken :).  I heated up a skillet and then poured in some olive oil

Place the chicken in the skillet and season
(I used chicken tenders because they were the ones on sale but you can also use boneless skinless chicken breasts)

I love this seasoning for my chicken, it's McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Chicken, it's really good.  If you don't have anything like this you can just use salt and pepper

Cook on each side of about 3 minutes or until there's some nice color.  You're not cooking the chicken all the way through, just browning the outside.  Then bake at 375 for 30 minutes or until the inside reaches a temperature of 165 degrees.  Then just dice up.
(Julie tip: I find it easiest to dice the chicken up while it's still hot.  It's a lot more tender then and makes it easier to cut than after it has been cooled)

Okay, now you're ready to make the wraps.  In a mixing bowl add some lettuce...

the chicken (you want about the same amount of chicken as lettuce)...

Some shredded Parmesan cheese...

and tortilla strips
(you can make your own tortilla strips- just cut some corn tortillas into strips and fry in some oil heated to 357 degrees, then season with salt- or you can just go easy like me and buy them :))

For the dressing add some taco seasoning to some Caesar dressing...

And stir to combine

Then just pour the dressing into the salad mixture

and toss

I learned this trick from another lady who worked in the Providence kitchen- heat your tortillas on a gas stove.  So with the stove turned on place the tortilla on top...

and then just move it around until the entire surface of the tortilla has come in contact with the flame.  Then flip it over and repeat on the other side.  It just makes them nice and soft.  If you don't have a gas stove you can just skip this step

To assemble the wrap I find it easiest to place the tortilla on a piece of plastic wrap...
(Note: I used medium tortillas because that is what I had but Large ones actually work a little easier because you can fit more in so they're not bursting open :))

Place some of the filling on the tortilla...

Fold in the sides...

Then roll up

Now take the sides of the plastic wrap and fold over the sides (just like you did the tortilla)

and roll up (just like you did the tortilla :))

The wrap all wrapped up :)
(sorry, it's been a long day over here :))

Then when you're ready to eat just cut them in half...

And there you go.  Doesn't that just look amazing!  I just love the colored tortilla strips, they make it so pretty :)
Mexican Caesar Wraps*
Romaine Lettuce
Cooked Chicken, diced
Shredded Parmesan Cheese
Tortilla Strips (you can also use crushed chips)
Caesar Dressing
Taco Seasoning
Flour Tortillas

Combine the first 4 ingredients.  Mix together the Caesar Dressing and Taco Seasoning, pour into the chicken mixture and toss.  Place a tortilla on a square of plastic wrap.  Put some of the chicken mixture onto the middle of the tortilla.  Fold up the sides then roll up the tortilla into a wrap.  Fold up the sides of the plastic wrap over the tortilla and then roll.  Cut in half.  Enjoy!

* I didn't put any measurements because it really depends on how many you want to make.  I usually do the same amount of lettuce as chicken and then I just eyeball the rest.  Same goes for the dressing, decide how much dressing you think you'll need and just add the seasoning a little at a time until it seems good to you. :)

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