Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Life With the Bussis'- 3.5.14

It's been another week of coming up with fun things to do inside.  But hey, we have made it to March which is the first step for spring to come. :)  Thursday I got the idea to put the little pool with balls in it in the basement and put our little slide into it.  That was a big hit:

Friday night we didn't have anything to do so we headed over to the church fellowship hall to get some energy out.  We brought Micah's baseball tee and bases and they had a blast hitting and then running the bases. 

We also played some basketball with Steve and I running back and forth doing lay-ups and then we looked over at Micah and noticed he was doing them too on the little hoop:
When we got home from church we made some big cookies on these mini cast-iron skillets.  Micah and I had fun making them and they were even more fun to eat!
Micah all ready to chow down
Saturday Micah and I went to a Dr. Seuss Birthday party at our library.  First they had story time and them Micah got to make a Thing 1 hat
He refused to wear it so notice I'm holding it on his head to get a picture :)
  Micah's favorite part of the party was the birthday cake:
 It was a fun time, even if he was really shy and refused to take his picture with Miss Abby (the children's librarian) who was dress like the Cat in the Hat. :) 
David found Micah's hat and decided this was how you wear it

One morning while playing Micah decided he wanted to climb in the box

And then he wanted to hide so he asked me to put the blanket over him

It wasn't a very good hiding spot, his brothers are smarter than Micah gives them credit for :)
 I continue to give Jonathan and David opportunities to use a spoon and this is what continues to happen (this is baked potato soup):

 And then some random pictures for you:
This was just absolutely so cute.  Steve was giving me a hug before he left for work and then we looked over and saw this:
So precious.  They actually really do love each other.  The other morning David woke up first and I was feeding him some cereal when Steve brought Jonathan down and as soon as he saw Jonathan he refused to eat until I got him out of his high chair so he could go give him a hug.  And then he came back and finished his cereal :)

The boys love it at night when we take their shirts off when it's almost time for their baths

Micah is very into "selfies" :)
And then just one more thing to share with you.  One of my favorite times is after baths I read a couple of books to the twins before bed and Micah likes to come join us as well.  The other day we discovered that he could "read" the entire book Chugga Chugga Choo Choo.  So the last couple of times he has read it to Jonathan and David and I recorded it the other day because it's just too sweet.  He was quite distracted by my Ipad (you'll notice he keeps looking at it) so he didn't read all that loud, but you get the idea.  And it the video was too long to e-mail to my computer, so it's in two videos.  Enjoy!

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