Friday, March 7, 2014

Fun Food Friday- Sweet and Crunchy Salad

I'm a big fan of Trisha Yearwood's cooking show on the Food Show Network.  She made this salad a while ago and it has quickly become one of my favorites.  The dressing is very light and fresh tasting and I absolutely love the candied almonds.  So if you have to bring a salad somewhere or are just looking to try a new one, try this one out. 
Ingredients:  Lettuce (I used Romaine and Iceberg but you can also just use one or the other), Green Onion, Mandarin Oranges, Slivered Almonds, Sugar, Oil (I used Canola but you can also use Vegetable), Red Wine Vinegar, Dried Parsley, Salt & Pepper (I also put some diced chicken in but forgot to put it in the pictures :))

To make the candied almonds add 1/2 cup almonds and 2 Tablespoons of sugar to a frying pan and heat on medium-low

Stir continuously until the sugar is melted and coats the almonds
If you don't stir continuously, the sugar gets burnt and you almonds turn out like this:
(I was busy singing and dancing with Micah to the Frozen soundtrack :) we had fun but unfortunately those almonds were not edible, burnt sugar is not very tasty)
Instead you want them to look like this :)

Place the almonds on a plate to cool

For the dressing add 1/2 cup canola oil... 

2 TBS sugar...

2 TBS Red Wine Vinegar...

1 tsp dried parsley

1/2 tsp salt...

And a pinch of pepper

Whisk together until all combined (I also like to put all the ingredients in a mason jar and mix that way)

For the salad chop up the lettuce...

And green onions and put in a bowl

Drain the mandarin oranges and add to lettuce

Break up the almonds and add to salad

And if you want add some diced chicken

Then just add the dressing and mix together
That is one fresh and yummy looking salad
Sweet and Crunchy Salad
1/2 cup slivered almonds
2 TBS sugar
1 head of lettuce (or combo of iceberg and Romaine), chopped
22oz can mandarin oranges, drained
2 green onions, diced
1 cup chicken, cooked and diced
1/2 cup canola oil (or vegetable)
2 TBS sugar
2 TBS red wine vinegar
1 tsp dried parsley
1/2 tsp salt
pinch of pepper
Add the slivered almonds and 2 TBS sugar to a frying pan and heat on medium-low until the sugar melts, stirring constantly.  Place on a plate to cool, the crumble.  Combine all the salad ingredients in a bowl.  Mix together all the dressing ingredients and whisk until all combined.  Add to salad.

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