Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 3.19.14

I'm not going to say much today because, well, after the morning we have had, the only thing I can tell you about my children is sometimes they are exasperating! :)  Now in their defense, all of them have terrible coughs and I know coughing is exhausting but seriously, do they have to get into everything they are not supposed to be in!  So, instead I'll just share our week in pictures which I realized I only ever took pictures with my phone and iPad this week so sorry for the poor quality.  So here you go:
Thursday we went to the mall.  When we got to the playground I tell you it was like they had been released from a cage, they just ran and ran around and laughed and had so much fun:
Don't worry, he isn't picking his nose :).  I don't know what he's doing but I do know it's not picking his nose.

So much fun
They loved going up and down and up and down the slides.  I tried to get them to all go down at once, as you can see, David didn't cooperate :), but you can also see how much fun they are having

I got such great deals at the mall.  Crazy8 had 30% off everything, including clearance, so I got shirts for next winter for so cheap (as in $1.30).  I really think for sure the twins are pretty set for next winter (which hopefully will not come for a really, really, really long time because we haven't gotten out of this winter yet :))

I didn't take a picture but Friday night Steve and I got to go out to dinner and then to the play Les Miserables at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.  It was so good and just so much fun!  I'm so thankful that we still love hanging out together :).  And one of the best parts of the night was getting to walk on grass!!!  Now you may think that is strange, but it has been MONTHS since I have walked on grass, because it has been MONTHS since all the grass has not been covered with snow.  So yeah, great night :)
Here's me with my little guy David
And here's me with my little Jonathan
(he really wasn't feeling well Monday, he coughed so much it made him throw up, but thankfully it was just from coughing and not a bug.  So we spent lots of time cuddling)

Saturday was not completely unbearable outside, so we played out there a little while.  I had planned on taking a walk but upon going outside and feeling the cold wind realized it wouldn't be all that nice for those just sitting in a stroller, so we played instead
 Jonathan is starting to copy what Micah does:
Micah a lot of times plays with his little cars on this couch so here Jonathan is doing the same thing (only he is hiding his cars under his hands so you can't see them :))

Micah also always pulls the chair over to the island to get off it what he Jonathan pulled the chair over to get his water.  Monkey see, monkey do :)
Speaking of monkeys, I don't have a picture of this because I didn't have a camera in my hand and it would have been irresponsible as a parent to go grab one :), but a little while ago I quick went upstairs to grab some socks and Jonathan was not happy I went up there without him.  When I came down the stairs there was Jonathan stuck halfway up the gate, as in he was attempting to climb over!  Oh child, what do I do with you!
Saturday we also went bowling with another family from church who has a boy 9 months younger than Micah.  It was fun to watch the boys bowl and even more fun (and entertaining) to watch all 4 boys chase each other :) 
David spent a lot of his time going up and down these steps.  And yes, of course at one point he fell and ate it but does that stop him, oh no :)
Tuesday Steve went simulator golfing with his dad (in winter you do what you gotta do :)).  I had to go pick up a TRIP order so I decided since I had to take all the boys with me we might as well have fun doing it.  So how do you move around with 3 small children?: 
Love this wagon!  Here are the boys in front of their future school!
 After we picked up the TRIP I had a little dessert date with my little guys:

Micah was very excited about his shake. 
Now normally I would not have let him get a shake (3 year olds do not need shakes :)), but he has a cough and I figured it would make his throat feel good.  And he was very nice and let Daddy have what he didn't eat 
The twins shared an ice cream and for whatever reason decided after a few bites they didn't want anymore  (so Daddy got a nice big snack when he got home)

So they hugged instead :)  Silly boys
 And to prove to you how silly these boys are:
Yes that is Jonathan stuck between the chair and the couch
(and yes I did go grab my phone to take a picture before I helped him out)

And that my friends, is life with my boys :)

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