Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 3.12.14

We had a really fun week this past week.  First off, we actually got to take a walk outside!!!  I thought that might never happen again. :)  Monday was a gorgeous day, sunny and in the high 40s, so we definitely took advantage.  And secondly, we went on a quick trip to Wisconsin.  Steve's brother and his wife life in Minnesota and they weren't able to come home for Christmas, so we decided to all meet at the Wisconsin Dells for a fun weekend.  It was a 6 hour drive and the boys did great!  We never had more than one sleeping at a time and no one slept for more than an hour, but even with that they did so well.  Thank goodness for an iPad! :)  The change of scenery was so great for the boys (and Steve and I :)).  They didn't sleep the best there, but since we've been home they've been sleeping 12 hours at night!  It probably helps that it gets light later now with the time change.  So here's some pictures from our fun week:
We had to go to Target Thursday to get some things for our trip and I just have to say, this Target has the best shopping carts!  Every store need these shopping carts, all my boys can fit in them :)
David trying on his Puddle Jumper.  I'm amazed that both he and Jonathan never minded having them on.
We stopped at a Wendy's for lunch on the way down there and the boys were definitely ready to run around

After lunch we spent a little time at a Bass Pro Shop so the boys (and the adults) could get some energy out before the rest of the drive.  Here the boys are checking out the big fish tank

Steve's parents with all their grandkids (all boys, but we have a girl coming in June!  Poor thing with all these boy cousins :))

"Daddy, I want this" :)
"Or we can have this, see, then two of us can ride at a time"

It was so cute, Jonathan started calling David "D" this weekend and he always wanted to hold David's hand while in the van.  But David didn't always cooperate so Jonathan would just keep reaching over saying "D, D, D, D"  It was so cute!

When we got there I realized I forgot Micah's cups for milk, but he was fine drinking it out of a coffee cup :)
Our first trip to the waterslides.  As you can see, David and Jonathan are not too sure about it all.  They had to sit there for about 20 minutes watching everything before they were okay with going in the water.

It was so cute, Micah and Bentley (his cousin) always had to hold hands when walking to the waterpark (which was part of our hotel).

Best Buds
Micah would not go down the slides unless Bentley was coming too
And speaking of slides:
Micah and Bentley loved these slides, they went on them over and over and over :).  David even went down this one a couple of times and amazingly, never fell over. :)  He also never changed facial expression, so we don't know if he liked it or not. :)

Jonathan hanging out with Aunt Betsy.  Most of the time he preferred this to being in the water and Aunt Betsy was just fine with that

The twins did enjoy the kiddie area of the waterpark where they could play in the little water fountains. 

Saturday night we made pizzas.  Dan (Steve's brother) was very proud of his creation
All 4 boys were so good all weekend!  And they provided us with a lot of entertainment
They weren't perfect (although they never are :)), they still did their fair share of toy stealing, but all in all they did great!

We stopped at Fazoli's on the way home, do you think David enjoyed his lunch?

Jonathan too :)

And Micah and Daddy too :)
More hand holding on the way home :)
We had a wonderful time and it was so great to get to all be together even if it was for a short time.  Thanks Mom and Dad Bussis for a great weekend!

Our for a family walk on a nice warm (40 degree) day!  We didn't even need our winter coats!!!
On our walk we found a tunnel people had dug out of a huge snow bank.  Micah thought it was pretty cool

Micah didn't want to ride in the stroller, he said he wanted to walk.  Go figure he decided part way through that he didn't want to walk anymore :).  So he got to ride on Daddy's shoulders

Potty training is not going well, Micah just has no desire to try, so I decided to pull out the big guns.  He loves playing with toy trains, so I bought a train set and the deal is he only gets to play with it when he is done wearing diapers.  So yesterday he decided he wanted to wear underwear.  So I let him play with his train set (I'm not sure who was more excited to play with it, Steve or Micah :)).  I figured if he played with it he would know how much fun it was and want to wear underwear all the time.  After 2 accidents the train got put back in the box and Micah once again has no desire to go on the toilet. :)  Oh the joys of parenting.  But at least now he knows how much fun the train is. :) 

The twins are really starting to play well which is so wonderful!  Aren't they just too cute! (I may be a little bias :))

Do you think David knows he's not supposed to be in that cupboard :)
  (okay, they're cute and major stinkers)
But at least they do it together, right? :)

They all climbed on the chair together, it was so cute so I said "don't move" while I quick grabbed my camera.  Got this shot...

And then they were done :)

David and Jonathan are really starting to understand what we're saying to them.  This afternoon I told them they could watch a video with Micah before they went down for their nap.  I went and changed Micah's diaper and then came back in the living room and they were on the chair all ready for the video :)  They really are just so much fun, a lot of work, yes, but also a lot of fun!

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