Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life with the Bussis'-5.14.14

Well, we had a very fun rest of my parents' trip out here (hence a lot of pictures:)).  Thursday we headed to Holland to check out Tulip Time:
We parked in the Central Avenue CRC parking lot (they were doing a fundraiser for their Cadets) and Steve was quite proud that we got to park in Pastor Chad's spot (a friend of Steve's) so we had to take a picture
 I really want a nice picture of all three of my boys so I dressed them all alike in hopes that we could get a good picture by the tulips.  Yeah, it's very difficult to get 3 little boys to look at you at the same time, let alone all smile:

Not sure what David is doing here

Or here
The best we got, 2 out of 3 ain't bad :)

The little stinker himself.  In his defense, he wasn't feeling well.  He actually was running a fever but I figured keep him home and he will run around or take him to Tulip Time and he got fresh air and spent the whole morning sitting in either his car seat or the stroller.

Checking out some wooden shoes getting made

Micah's ride

I think tulips are so pretty!  Unfortunately due to our cold weather not all of them had opened, but the ones that had were beautiful
After lunch Steve and I headed home with the twins so they could get good naps in.  Micah got to stay with Grandpa and Grandma to watch the Children's Parade.  He thought he was big stuff getting to stay.
But he showed he's not quite big enough to go without a nap :)
Thursday was our really nice day here, it decided to jump up to over 80 degrees.  I had bought a water table for the boys a couple weeks ago with money they had gotten for Christmas but we hadn't used yet, it had never been warm enough to get out.  Well, Thursday it was, so when Steve and my dad headed to a minor league baseball game, we put together the water table and had some fun.  If you have little kids I highly recommend a water table, they are so fun.  I got this one at Costco.

Friday my mom and dad took Micah and Jonathan to the Children's Museum.  David had still been running a fever Thursday night so I thought a quiet morning home with mommy would be good for him.  He ended up sleeping till 10:15!  And he woke up with no fever which was great.  It was pretty strange only having one boy to take care of.  And man oh man, was that ever a piece of cake just having to watch one! :)
Playing in the sand table at the museum (I think my boys are going to love their sandbox if it ever gets dry enough to get a truck back there to put the sand in)

And then Friday night we FINALLY made it for the first time to the ice cream store!  This is a very exciting event in the Bussis household!

You think Jonathan is enjoying his ice cream? :)

Micah loves having a face in his ice cream :)

Glad Mom and Dad could join us!  They liked it so much they even went back Saturday night after the kids were in bed :). 

Oh that is some good ice cream!
 Saturday we decided to head to the CRC Conference Grounds in Grand Haven.  It was a place we could see the lake  (we had thought maybe our kids would like to play in the sand, but upon arrive and feeling how cold it was by the water, we decided to just look instead), and they have a nice playground.  So it worked perfect for us.
Checking out the lake

The twins love not being in a stroller and running around

Notice that beautiful house in the background?  Yeah, that's where I want Steve and I to retire someday and he can be the director and I can be the music leader :).  A girl can dream, right? :)

They match!

I wanted a nice picture with they twins, they didn't :)

My parents with my boys

Micah insisted that I take his picture in the gazebo :)

And then it was off to the playground which they had all to themselves

The twins were excited that they could climb the steps and go down the slide all on their own

David likes to go head first, no fear that boy!

My mom decided she wanted to ride on the dinosaur

Then she decided it would probably be better if she rode on it with one of her grandsons :)

We had picked up Subway on our way to the Conference grounds so after playing awhile we had a picnic lunch

Micah was pretty excited that Grandpa also picked up some chocolate milk for lunch

Singing with Grandpa

Then it got real serious- we had to break out the microphone

 Mother's Day:

We had a very nice Mother's Day.  Right before church my mom's phone rang and it was my younger brother telling us that we had another girl in the family!  My sister-in-law went into labor 2 weeks early and had Winslet Leone Mother's Day morning!  We are so excited for her to join our family!  So that brings my parent's grandchild total to 7 (6 in the last 19 months!!!).  After church we had lunch at our house with my parents, Steve's parents, Grandma and sister's family.  Then at night, towards the end of church the power went out.  So we had to heat up leftovers for dinner on the stove (thankfully we have a gas stove) and we played cards by candlelight.  The power was out for just about 2 hours.
And then my parents had to go home on Monday :(.  Micah was not very happy, when I told him Grandpa and Grandma had to go home he thought he could just go with them.  And then he woke up yesterday morning and said "I want Grandma and Grandpa to sleep at our house again." So obviously he loved having them here, as did the rest of us.  It's hard living so far away, but I'm so thankful they are able to come out as often as they do so that my kids are able to know them.  So thanks for coming Mom and Dad, we had a blast!  Come again :)!
On last picture for you, the boys all enjoy a chocolate shake before bed. :)
Have a wonderful week!

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