Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 5.7.14

We've been having a fun week.  My mom came in on Saturday afternoon and we have been having lots of fun.  My dad came in tonight so the fun will just keep on rolling. :)  We continue to battle colds which is getting/continues to be incredibly annoying.  But for the most part the boys are still sleeping really well, so that's good.  Here's what we've been up to:
I had some extra chocolate cake and frosting so Micah and I made some cake pops.  He's a big fan of cake pops with sprinkles, as are Jonathan and David we discovered
 One day I walked out of the bathroom and saw this:

I don't know why but my boys just love going in the pantry, although we discovered David is not such a fan of going in the pantry with his brothers :)

Saturday we went out to breakfast with Steve's parents and sister and our nephew:

 Afterwards we went over to Steve's parents to play:
Somewhere I have a picture of Micah about this age with this same drum (and when I find it I'll have to put it up with this one:))

Grandpa got a used golf cart to ride around with the grandkids.  They are big fans of it.

Lots of fun things to ride at Grandpa & Grandma's

My boys all love Monday mornings when Daddy is home to play with them.  And he doesn't seem to mind them climbing on him either :)
For Christmas a lady from church gave us guest passes to a community Aquatic center and we finally used them on Monday night.  It was a lot of fun:
This picture is cute, but gives a very false picture of Jonathan's feeling about the water. :)  He was so not a fan.  Ended up spending a lot of time sitting on Grandma's lap.
David had an absolute blast, he would have stayed in the water all night if he didn't get cold eventually
Micah also loved it.  He even would swim without you holding on to him (with his puddle jumper on).  We have a few more passes, I'm thinking next time we'll just get someone to stay home with Jonathan, he'd probably prefer that. :)
This depicts my children pretty well- Micah and David can sit and focus on something for a period of time (here they are watching a cartoon); Jonathan on the other hand has no sit and just moves from one thing to the next :)
 Tuesday we headed to the mall for some fun at the play area:

The twins are quite the climbers

Me and my little David 
After the mall we took my mom out to lunch for her Mother's Day present.  Don't these boys look so cute and innocent? 

Not a naughty bone in their body, right?

Wouldn't cause any problems, right?
So before we were going to leave I asked my mom if she minded if I quick used the restroom (leaving her at the table with the three little angels).  We were at an Olive Garden and they had put us way in the back corner.  The bathroom was right by the entrance.  I walked out of the bathroom and immediately I heard screaming, not like mad screaming, just "I want to be loud" screaming and I knew immediately those were my boys I was hearing all the way on the other side of the restaurant.  So I have to walk through the restaurant watching all the customers laughing at these 3 incredibly out of control boys screaming and laughing because their Grandma is so incredibly embarrassed she is  actually crying from laughing and when I walked around the corner she was bent down trying to reason with Micah that he was 3 years old and knew better than to scream.  And then I found out that they had started screaming as soon as I walked away and continued to scream the entire time I was gone. Oh my children, what do I do with you.  I think we learned not take them to a nice restaurant :).  My mom and I pretty much cried the entire way home from laughter every time we thought of how out of control they were.  They just realized they outnumbered Grandma and there was absolutely nothing she could do on her own to stop them.  I don't think I will ever again have to convince my mom that her grandkids aren't perfect. :)

And then this morning we went to another mall to play on a different playground :).  And Micah talked Grandma into giving him quarters to ride the taxi with his brother :)
We're looking forward to more fun with Grandpa & Grandma!!!

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