Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 5.28.14

We have been having some absolutely beautiful weather over here, so we have spent quite a bit of time enjoying the outdoors.  Thursday we took a little stroll over to the playground, always a favorite of the boys:

Micah was so sweet, he wanted to read a book to his brother.  Unfortunately his brothers weren't quite so cooperative :)
One more video for you :)
Silly brothers, they really do love each other :)

Silly Jonathan and David, we go outside to play and all they want to do is be pulled around in the wagon.  That is until Micah got off his bike, then both wanted to ride the bike.  So I would put one in and push him while the other one screamed next to me.  Then I would switch them and then one not in the bike would take over screaming.  It was really fun. :)  We have noticed that David is starting to have some major tantrums where he just cries and cries for about 10 minutes and nothing gets him to stop.  Micah did the exact same thing when he was about David's age so I'm hopeful David will grow out of it like Micah did.

My sweet little angel... ha ha :)

Saturday morning we headed over to the playground at the public school.  The boys loved all the different sand boxes
So that made them very excited when they woke up from their nap to find that their sandbox Steve's Dad had built for them a couple of weeks ago was filled with sand!  We got the sand from a guy at church but it has been so wet in our backyard that he hasn't been able to get a tractor back there to fill it until Saturday.  It's so nice to have a big sandbox right in our backyard for the boys to play in, I'm sure many hours of this summer will be spent in it.
We were enjoying the outdoors so much that we decided to just eat dinner outside.  Steve went and picked up Arby's and we ate on the driveway. :)  They downed their food, I think being outdoors makes them eat better :) I think we will also be doing a lot of that this summer
After dinner we played some more outside.  David thought he was pretty funny stealing Daddy's hat

Jonathan decided to borrow Micah's helmet too
My boys in their Sunday best.  As you can see Jonathan and David are so not cooperative

They're much more cooperative when they're in their comfy clothes :)

We had a fun Memorial Day.  Micah spent Sunday night at Steve's parents house and went to a parade with them Monday morning.  Steve, the twins and I went for a bike ride Monday morning.  As you can see, the boys really enjoyed the ride.  After our ride we headed over to Steve's sister's house for lunch.  All in all, a fun day.
This morning I had to go to the greenhouse to get some things for my garden (which is now full of dirt and ready to be planted).  I thought I could handle it on my own.  I put the twins' leashes on figuring they would enjoy getting to walk around.  Well, they didn't.  Unfortunately their carts only fit one child, and are just shelves so there wasn't anywhere to put the second child.  I put David in the cart and was holding Jonathan, but I had to put him down to pick out some plants.  I had my back to them for a minute and turned around and here is how I found Jonathan, he had climbed into the shelf on the cart!  As you can see, there really wasn't room for him to sit there, but he was determined he wanted to sit in the cart :).  Oh boys.  Oh, and Micah insisted on pushing the cart, without my help.  Yeah, he ran into me a couple of time. :)  So as you can see, it was a lovely outing for us all.  It just reminded me that with 3 young kids there's no such thing as a quick errand or easy trip. :)

When we got home from the greenhouse the picnic table I had ordered for the boys had been delivered, so I put it together.  They are big fans of it already.  They even got to eat their lunch on it.  Although we discovered it's much easier to have the twins buckled down in their high chair, they did a lot of roaming. :)  I got the table to go outside so they can eat their snacks and lunches out there.  It just looked fun and they still had some Christmas money to be used. :)

The umbrella from their water table even fits with it so they can sit in the shade
So that was our week.  We've also continued to have lots of running noses and colds in the eyes.  I actually went to the doctor yesterday because I had sores in my nose for the past couple of weeks that weren't going away.  The doctor decided that I have allergies and that was the cause for the sores which made sense because I've also been having very itchy eyes.  So hopefully the allergy medication I'm taking now will help clear that up and my runny nose that I've had for the last couple of months will stop. :)  So then that made me wonder, is that maybe what the boys have?  Because they seriously just have runny nose after runny nose but don't really have other cough symptoms.  So I asked a nurse from my pediatrician's office who goes to our church if she thought it could be allergies and she said yes and told me what I could give them, so we're trying that for them too in hopes that maybe, just maybe we will experience some health around here.  We shall see. :)
One other random thing that I just want to make sure that I don't forget about the boys is it is so cute when they give Steve and I hugs.  We must both always go "awe" when they hug us, so now everytime they give one of us a big hug they say "awe."  So stink'n cute! :) 

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