Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 5.21.14

It's been a pretty fun week around here, but unfortunately I realized that I didn't take my camera along with me very many places, so most of these pictures are from my not very high-tech phone :).  Wednesday night was the first night in a while that I felt all the boys felt like themselves again and we just had a lot of fun playing at home.  We played baseball for a long time, the boys got lots of energy out "running the bases."  David has become quite the little hitter:
Thursday we were just ready to get out of the house.  It had been rainy and cold all week and the twins hadn't been out of the house since Saturday, so we headed to the mall for some fun.
Playing on the playground at the mall
Lunch at the mall, they have the best Mac N Cheese there :)

Friday night we went to a surprise birthday party for a couple from church so here are the boys are dressed up for the party.  Seriously can't get all to look at me and smile, I think this will be a constant frustration of mine :)

On his own Jonathan is a great smiler

David not so much :)

Micah wanted to take a picture so I let him take one with my camera.  He did a pretty good job

Then I talked him into taking a picture with Mommy.  Such a sweet little guy!
The twins are actually starting to grasp the concept of puzzles
Steve's brother and sister-in-law who live in Minnesota were in town this past weekend for a couple of weddings so Saturday morning we all got together at Steve's parents which was so much fun, but I forgot to take any pictures of our fun, so you'll just have to take my word for it. :)  Then we had Steve's cousin's wedding Saturday night and when we got home Barb (the lady from church who watched our boys) told us that Micah had started having some goop come out of his eyes and he was itching them all night.  Oh great!  So of course you thing, pink eye.  Sunday morning he woke up and couldn't get his eyes open because of all the goop that had crusted over (lovely image, right :)).  But his eyes weren't red at all so we just kept getting the goop out of his eyes.  Finally on Tuesday he still had it so I called the doctor and after describing it the nurse was pretty confident that it was just a cold in his eye.  It's getting better but still not all the way gone and we have discovered he is not a fan of getting his eyes wiped. :)  Thankfully no one else has gotten it so far :).

Micah can't always find a person in our house that needs a check-up, so here he's giving his fire truck a check-up (can you tell he watches Doc McStuffins on the Disney Channel :))
Micah was pretty excited Sunday afternoon when it was finally warm enough to play outside so out came the cars

Jonathan was the lucky one who got to go to the grocery store with Mommy Monday morning.  He was pretty excited when he discovered that involved a cookie :)
Monday was a pretty fun day for our household.  It was an absolutely beautiful day so we took full advantage of it.  Steve took Micah golfing in the morning, so I headed to the playground with the twins:
Brotherly love :) 
Then at night Steve took Micah to the Whitecaps game (minor league baseball).  We were going to attempt to all go, but there were chances of showers during the game and it just sounded easier to only have one little boy to rush up to the top of the stadium than 3 :)
And Micah's night was made when a worker gave him a ball they had used during warm up.
Back home I had a fun night with just the twins.  We played downstairs and even made and ate pudding. 
They were pretty excited to get to eat the pudding all by themselves (they're still not very good at using a spoon but since they were going to be taking a bath right after this, I figured it was a good time to practice)

Not too bad :)
Just a cute one of my Micah
I was playing blocks with the boys and built this really nice house and David just destroyed it and as you can see, was not sorry about it one bit!
Life over here:
I was actually trying to take a picture of them, but they just would not sit still so we did a video instead :)
Tuesday night Steve had an away softball game, so we had some fun playing outside with the water table

We had some errands to run today and Steve had a pastor's lunch, so I decided to go to Qdoba with the boys.  Always an adventure taking these boys out :).  They actually were really good and we had a great time!
And this is what it's like in the car :)

We found our way back to the Ice Cream store tonight.  The twins were pretty excited after getting to ride in their bike carriage.

And they were even more excited to get to eat their ice cream, which they insisted on feeding themselves.
So fun times over here.

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