Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 4.16.14

I can tell this week wasn't as busy as last week because I don't have very many pictures and they're all from my iPad or phone. :)  The main reason being we got hit with colds...again!  David woke up Saturday afternoon from his nap wheezing and barely able to breath.  I thought for sure we were going to have to bring him into the ER but I called my pediatrician and he listened to David on the phone and said he was certain he had croup.  So he told me to go run the shower really hot to create a lot of steam and then give David a bath.  It did the trick.  Well that and getting David to calm down.  But he still has a bad cold, as does Jonathan, as does me. :) So fun!  And Micah's stuffed up too, so it's just lovely over here.  I can't believe Steve hasn't checked into a hotel somewhere until we all get over this (this is a very busy week for a pastor :)).  So hopefully he doesn't get it and hopefully the rest of us get over it soon.  Other than that it's been fairly non-eventful.  Oh wait, we did have a few biggies:
We grilled for the first time this year!!!!  Oh that hamburger was soooo good!  Looking forward to lots more grilling!
As of Thursday, April 10, all the snow on our yard (including our huge snow pile) is gone!  This was the last of it holding on Thursday but by the time we went to bed at night, it was all gone!
And then yesterday morning (April 15) we woke up to this:
Not cool!!!
I was seriously so crabby yesterday with this snow (it probably didn't help that my head was all stuffed up and my boys were crabby because they didn't feel well).  Thankfully the snow is gone already but it's still pretty cold.  But my neighbor just told me a few minutes ago as I was getting the mail that this is the end of the snow, we won't get any more. :)  I told him I'm holding him to that!
Other than those exciting things, it's just been a fairly normal week of playing outside when we can and fighting over toys inside when we can't be outside :) (seriously, we have so many toys in this house and they all always want the same thing!!!)
Jonathan always wakes up with crazy hair

A walk on Sunday afternoon in our jammies because we woke up early from our nap...again
Saturday morning was absolutely gorgeous so I finally took Micah's 3 year old pictures (since he turned 3 in January :)).  As a reward for being so good he got to play on the playground for a bit

He thought the slide looked fun, until he got to the top (we later found out we were at the middle school playground)

So Daddy went down with him

Daddy was good for the pictures so he got to play on the playground too :)
Inside (did I mention also getting into things they're not supposed to): 

So Jonathan must not have thought I gave him enough to eat at breakfast (he got a piece of French toast and half a banana, I thought it was plenty) because after breakfast while I was practicing the piano he very quietly went through our trashcan and got the muffins I had thrown out that morning because I found mold on some and was, yes, eating them!  Thankfully I'm pretty sure the one he was eating wasn't the kind the had mold on them but was next to it so I decided to throw it out too.  Oh my child!!!  And as you can see he didn't eat it neatly! 
They also get into my pantry...and take everything out...and don't put it back

But how can you ever get made at that cute little face?!?  He found himself a seat here

My boys, particularly Jonathan, love to "talk" on the phone

Oh yes, more trouble.  So here I had gone upstairs to quick put in my contacts and brush my teeth.  I had put a show on the TV to try to distract them because they had been fighting over toys and such.  So I'm upstairs just a minute or so and all of the sudden I hear silverware tapping.  So I quick go downstairs pretty confident of what I'm going to find and sure enough, there were these two!  They had pulled the kitchen chairs over to the counter and were rearranging my silverware drawer.  And it's not the fact that they're messing up the drawer, but notice how David is standing, on the edge of the chair leaning over, oh my goodness child, you are about to plummet down to the hard floor!  They just have no fear!  I'm seriously going to go gray soon!

Longing to be outside but alas, it's 30 degrees and snowing!
On another note, Micah loves to make his sandwich for lunch.  It's so cute, he goes in the refrigerator and gets out his cheese and turkey and then we get him his bread and he puts the cheese and turkey on.  I have found he eats so much better if he helps in the making process
Friday Steve's mom was off from work and watching my nephew Bentley so we went over to play.  Micah loves playing with Bentley

And the twins love having someone read to them :)
Proud mamma moment of the week:  Saturday night Steve's parents came over for dinner.  After dinner Steve asked Micah to say his prayer.  His prayer normally goes like this:  Dear God, thanks for Mommy and Daddy, thanks for Jonathan and David, thanks for Micah and thanks for the nums, Amen.  Well without being told to Saturday night he added "and thanks for Grandpa and Grandma."  It was so sweet, I almost cried. 
I hope you have a very Blessed Easter! 

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