Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 4.23.14

We've had a pretty good week.  Still some runny noses and some cold days, but we also had some really nice days.  We love getting to play outside:

I had to take all 3 boys to the grocery store:
The free cookies made it go very smoothly :)
I had a shower Saturday morning for Steve's cousin.  I got to make the cake for it and I think it turned out cute :):
I had never made a stacked cake like that before, it was so much fun!  And I made marshmallow fondant for the first time and it turned out pretty good
Then Saturday night we went out to Logan's for dinner (still had a gift card from Christmas :)).  Going out to a restaurant with our boys always makes me feel like a normal family. :)  The boys did great!  It helps that they give you rolls and peanuts so they don't have to wait to eat.

Jonathan was very mesmerized by everything going on around us 

We had a wonderful Easter.  It was a very busy morning.  I had to be at church at 8:30 (with the twins) to practice for all the music going on for the service, but it went so great.  I had talked 4 of the youth from our church into playing their instruments with some of the singing and they did such a great job.  And Steve had a wonderful sermon.  I don't know why, but it just struck me while he was preaching what a great preacher he is and how I can help make the most incredible music for a service, but without a great message, it's empty.  And I'll tell you, I'm not bias :) my pastor for most of my life until I married Steve was an excellent preacher, so I have a pretty high standard :).  And I'm very thankful he is a good and faithful preacher of the Word because he's my preacher for the rest of my life :). 
The boys always insist on climbing in the closet under the stairs.  They don't care if it makes their clothes dirty, particularly their Easter outfits :)

Family Easter picture

We went to Steve's parents for lunch.  It was such a beautiful day!  We spent a lot of time outside
Steve's mom wanted a picture of all her grandkids, this was the best we could do :)

Micah loved riding the little 4-wheeler (he wasn't such a fan of having to share it with his cousin)

David was satisfied with the little rider
Monday we had another nice morning so we spent it outside.  First on the list of things to do: bubbles
Micah loved chasing the bubbles down the hill

And he even got the hang of blowing them himself

David liked to try, but usually he just tried to eat the wand :)

After bubbles we got to do something very exciting:
Go on our first family bike ride of the year!
Our ride brought us to the playground:
At night we went to a huge greenhouse to get the tarp to put down in our sandbox and garden (which my father-in-law built for us on Saturday) so the weeds don't grow up and we bought our seeds!  Can't wait to plant our garden!
Two boys very excited to be let out of their stroller

Micah insisted on pushing the very big cart
We went to the library yesterday morning only to find out that there wasn't Storytime, but they brought out the toys so we could play (which was nice since it was really cold outside).  My boys don't normally dress up to go to the library, but we went downtown beforehand to take some pictures :)
Today I had a few things to return to the mall, so after that was taken care of the boys got to play on the slide:

And have lunch:
David with a mouth full of fries

Jonathan is much more refined, he eats his fries with a fork :)
Getting to ride in the taxi after lunch.  It's great that they can all fit in it :)
And since he shared his ride with his brothers, Micah got to go on another ride, with his brothers :)
Micah thought he was pretty funny climbing into David's car seat while I brought David up to his crib when we got home :)
So fun week over here at the Bussis home!

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