Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 4.30.14

Big news this week!!!  Micah woke up Thursday morning and decided he wanted to go potty on the toilet!  We have no idea what made him decide it but we're just going with it. :) He's pretty good at telling us if he has to go but sometimes we need to ask him too.  I was cleaning out my e-mail inbox and found a few adorable pictures, here's one from May 2 of last year (I wouldn't call this particular one adorable, but it is funny :)):
I had just bought his little toilet and he was trying it out :).  It took him almost an entire year to decide he wanted to go on it, but we made it! 
He's wearing pull-ups now because he still doesn't want to poop on the toilet, so no underwear for now, but we are headed in the right direction.
(Sorry if this is TMI :), but for a mama who has had 3 kids in diapers for over 18 months, this is very exciting news :))
Here Micah is getting to play with his train set since he was a big boy and decided to pee on the toilet :)  I'm pretty sure he played with that train set for a total of about 2 hours that day :)
So that was pretty much our most exciting thing of the week. :)  It's been cold and rainy so we have spent a lot of time indoors.  The boys love to play in the basement so that has been nice, especially since I can let them be down there by themselves as long as I'm in the kitchen. 

We're still working on utensils with the twins.  They're getting pretty good with the fork, the spoon, however is still pretty difficult for them:
That is broccoli cheese soup all in his lap :)

And all over his bib
But they loved the soup

And didn't seem to mind the mess :) 

This is how we ride to church when Micah decides he want to ride in the wagon too
So Monday I made some Applesauce Muffins.  I guess I didn't put the cooling rack out of Jonathan and David's reach:
Steve found the twins taking a few bites out of these :)
Some of the plants we decided to put in our garden have to start indoors so Monday Micah and I planted our Honeydew, Tomato and Pepper seeds. 

While we planted Jonathan decided to just be silly
A typical sight in our house around 1:00- watching a video (usually Thomas) before naps. I love how they all 3 have to sit on the couch together.
 Our Tuesday Storytime at the library is over till Fall, so instead we went to the Children's Museum with two of my friends and their kids.  My boys just love that place.  I am so thankful they got a membership there for Christmas because it is just a wonderful place to spend a morning at.  And we only lost David twice so that was pretty good :).  Thankfully the place is swarming with parents and workers who notice when a child looks like they've gotten away from their parent. :)
Jonathan "at the bank"

Micah and David

The bubbles table is always a favorite

(If you're trying to figure out what kind of vest Jonathan has on, it's harness for a leash :).  Since I got there by myself I needed a way to "hold onto" the boys while we walked to the museum.  They're usually pretty good about the leashes and it's a life saver for me)
Neither of my friends were able to go to lunch afterwards, but we decided we still wanted to go.  I do not venture out to lunch by myself with the boys very often, it's a bit of a chore, but it was so fun:)
(I couldn't get a picture of all 3 of them at the table without leaving the table and I was afraid if I did that they'd knock our food on the floor, hence the video)
I definitely get a lot of looks and "you are one busy mom" statements when it's just me with these 3 :)

Today I had to go to the Post Office to mail something and get stamps and then the drug store to get some cards.  I'm very thankful that we live in a town where I can just walk to those places.  And as a treat for being such big boys we made a stop at the bakery for the boys to share a donut.  We love our small town!
So that was pretty much our week.  David is once again getting a cold, booooo!  We are so sick of colds over here.  Hopefully he gets over it soon and the rest of us don't get it!
As I said earlier I was cleaning out my inbox and found some adorable pictures that I just had to share:
This is from last Easter.  Isn't he just adorable!  Sadly I'm not totally sure who this is :).  Micah said he thought it was David but I feel like it's Jonathan's eyes.  Whoever he is, he's a cutie!
This one I'm more certain that it's David on the left and Jonathan on the right. 
Oh, these three just melt my heart! 
Have a wonderful week!

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