Friday, April 18, 2014

The Twins are 18 months!

These little guys turned 18 months yesterday!  It's hard to believe it was 18 months ago that we went from a family of 3 to a family of 5, but it's also hard to imagine what life was like before that.  They bring so much joy and excitement to our family.  So instead of Fun Food Friday this week I'm going to do an update what's going on with these little guys, things I don't want to for get.  So enjoy!

- Weight-27.8 pounds
- He has 14 teeth- 8 on top, 6 on bottom (the next 2 on the bottom are trying to pop through)
- He loves to read books, it's about the only thing that can keep him sitting
- He's a really good eater, there's not much he won't eat
- He's starting to be able to use a fork and a spoon but often times gets frustrated and goes back to eating with his hands.  His plate also usually ends up on his head.
- He's my hugger.  He'll just come up to you and hug your legs and if you pick him up he'll give you a great big hug, it always make my day. 
- He's more verbal than David.  He doesn't say a lot of words, but the ones he says you can understand.  Here are the animal sounds he can make:
And here are the body parts he knows :):
- He's a pretty good sleeper, both for naps and at night.  With it getting light earlier he doesn't sleep in as much as mommy would maybe like, but he usually sleeps 11+ hours at night, so she really can't complain.
- Most days Jonathan can be found with one sock on and one sock off
- Jonathan is our more serious child.  But when he smiles it lights up his whole face. 
- When he plays outside he loves to ride in the wagon or bike and he likes to pull the wagon too
- He can go down the stairs now. He does it by sliding down on his butt
- He's a big fan of both of his brothers.  He calls David "D" and gets so excited when David comes down (if Jonathan wakes up before David)

- Weight- 26.2 pounds
- He also has 14 teeth- 8 on top, 6 on the bottom
- He is our little dare devil, he seriously has no fear.  Just sees something he wants or wants to do and goes for it with no thought of the consequences.  This causes him to get hurt a lot :)
- He is also our little stinker, he usually has a gleam in his eye :)
- He is able to relax more than Jonathan.  He will actually sit and watch a video with Micah
- He likes to read books too. 
- He loves playing with Micah, especially chasing him. 
- He loves to hit a ball with a bat and he's actually not bad at it
- He too is a very good eater.  He's a little better with the fork but for some reason halfway through just about every meal he decided he wants his food on his tray instead of his plate.  Then the plate goes on the head, which Jonathan see and decides looks like a good idea.
- I would say David is more the instigator of things
- I think David is going to be very stubborn.  When he gets an idea in his head and it doesn't happen, he gets very upset.  This comes out a lot when he wants a toy, particularly one his brothers are already playing with.
- He doesn't say as many things as Jonathan, but he still can usually get his point across.  Here are the animal sounds he can make:
as you can see he thinks he's very funny when he won't say my name.  He really can say mama, he just thinks it's funny not to, stinker.  Here are the body parts he knows:
- He is also a good sleeper. 
- He absolutely loves to go outside.  If we even say the word outside he immediately goes to either the coat closet or gets his shoes.  He gets very disappointed if we weren't talking about him going outside. 
- He isn't a hugger, but he gives me kisses which is just as sweet.  He is also more of a cuddler than Jonathan. 
- David also can go down the stairs, he usually chooses to do so by going backwards
We are so thankful the Lord decided to bless us with not one little boy but 2 little guys 18 months ago.  They make life busy but bring so much joy to us.  And they really love each other.  It's been fun watching them become such good buds:

We love you Jonathan & David!!!

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