Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 4.9.14

We've had a pretty fun week over here.  And I have a lot of pictures to prove it, so here we go:
Thursday we went to the Children's Museum.  As we pulled in at 9:30, which is when it opens, up came a nice big bus full of little kids. :)  But those were some of the most well behaved kids I've ever seen at a museum, they were polite and didn't run over my kids, so it was still very enjoyable.
Expert pizza maker



All David really wanted to do was climb these stairs :)

Always a fan of the bubbles

David also for about 15 minutes just kept going up the steps and down this slide, over and over and over again :)

And then over at the construction zone Jonathan just kept going over the bridge and down the stairs over and over and over again :)
Thursday night Steve had family visiting so after giving the boys a bath right after dinner we headed down to the basement to play (hence them playing in their pjs):

These boys (especially David) seriously have no fear, just go and jump :)
Friday we went to Costco, as you can see these boys are very excited to go to Costco :)
Saturday morning fun:
Daddy makes a great jungle-gym

Micah and David got some soup cans out of the pantry and then would run around chasing each other and then end up sitting on the floor there, then get up, run around and sit again, over and over
All that play tuckered them out I thought this was so cute how Jonathan is cuddling up to David and David isn't hitting him away :)

Love getting to play outside
I ordered these leashes for the twins and my goodness, they're wonderful.  So the twins got to actually walk to church this Sunday and I didn't have to worry that one of them was going to get away from me:
Steve's mom had off Monday and was watching our nephew so we went bowling with them Monday morning:
Micah and his cousin Bentley- they had so much fun. They were running around singing "Let it Go" from Frozen, so cute :)

They also loved getting to bowl
Sadly both Micah and Bentley beat me :) I had the worst bowling game that I've probably had since I was Micah's age :)

Eating lunch at Mr. Burgers afterwards

Tuesday was nice so we decided to walk to the library for Storytime.  And then when we got to the library we found out there wasn't Storytime this week because of Spring Break. :) So we played on the playground instead (none of my boys argued :)).

David loves going down on his tummy


The twins are quite proud that they can climb up and then go down the slide all by themselves

And then this morning we went to the mall.  They were very excited to get to play on the playground:
David has become quite the expert slide rider:
After lunch we all took a ride on the Carousel


The ride made Jonathan pretty relaxed :) we thought he might actually fall asleep

Which he did actually do on the way home...
with an applesauce in his mouth :)

Silly boy
 So yeah, we had a very fun week which was wonderful after a winter of being stuck inside most days.
And finally here are 2 pictures that I don't remember where they go in this week but I think they're cute :):
I was making dinner one night this week and looked down and this is what I saw: 
So precious, so I took a picture...and then they started hitting each other :).  Boys! :)

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