Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 4.2.14

Life at the Bussis house, well, there's good days and not so good days :), but that's life.  I think the twins must be getting their bottom eye teeth in (their top eye teeth have come in now, I can't remember if I wrote that or not) because they have just been crabby at times and they are getting to go outside so it's not because they're cooped up.  When they get in these crabby moods all they want to do is whatever they are not supposed to do.  So that means climbing on chairs, trying to get at my computer or iPad, getting into the bathroom and unrolling the toilet paper, getting into Micah's things, which makes Micah crabby and not so nice to them.  I feel like a referee a lot of times.  I really should get a whistle :).  But we have good times too.  We have gotten to play outside a few times which was wonderful.  Nothing really exciting happened this week.  We are seeing glimpses that spring is coming so that's exciting.  I'm really ready for it to be warm enough for my father-in-law to build their sand box and my garden box so we can have that to play with outside.  So yeah, days are spent trying to keep the twins from hurting themselves (by climbing on things they shouldn't and then falling) and all of them getting along but I think that's just going to be life with boys.  We do have fun in-between too, so that's good. :)  Here's some of our fun:
The twins LOVE dragging the kitchen chairs over to the island to "help" mommy like Micah does.  It's cute but very nerve racking because they don't pay attention to where they are on the chair so you have to watch them very closely.  The other day I was in the office and Steve went upstairs to get Micah up from his nap, not realizing I wasn't in the kitchen and the twins pulled the chairs over and climbed up and David then fell off and hit the back of his head on the bar of the chair.  So while it's cute that they want to be like Micah, it's not very relaxing :)
They all wanted in on helping mommy make some cinnamon rolls for the man from our church who fixed a bunch of stuff in our house (they weren't very happy when they learned they didn't get to help eat them :)).
Another time when Jonathan climbed up there he decided my silverware drawer needed to be rearranged :).  It was kind of helpful because it made me realize that my silverware tray really needed to be washed :)

I guess that's what Jonathan considers a good looking drawer :)
They continue to like to make a mess out of my pantry.  And you may say "Julie, why do you not just get a lock on it" and the answer is, there is a lock on it but they have managed to figure out if they yank on it hard enough, it will open, little stinkers!!!  Sometimes I just don't care if they get in there, honestly, it keeps them quite and happy for a little while, but Micah gets very upset if they are in there because, well, they're not supposed to be :)
But they just look so cute when they're being stinkers so how do you get upset with them :)
This is usually my peaceful time of the day with them, when they're eating breakfast and haven't quite woken up enough to get into trouble. :) 
Or when they're all in their car seats and can't get out :)  I have no idea what Micah's expression was all about here.  We had just left Story Time at the library and were stopping to get gas.  Who knows

Saturday morning Micah was at Steve's parents house and Steve was at a conference and I had to pick up a few things at the store, so the twins got to come along.  Jonathan was very protective of the groceries I put in the cart.  He was very upset when I had to put them up on the counter to pay and he really thought he needed to hold that gallon of milk in his car seat.  Unfortunately for him his mommy didn't agree

Sunday night was a very exciting time- Baseball is back!  And what better team to start off the season than the Dodgers (don't worry, I didn't wear my Dodgers shirt to church).  Of course it would have been better if they had won, but it was fun to be able to actually watch a Dodgers game (they were the Sunday night baseball on ESPN).  And then the next day the Tigers opened their season with a great win (I did wear my Tigers shirt Monday but I forgot to take a picture).  We didn't get as quite into it as last year mostly because we don't have Dodgers and Tiger shirts for all the boys :).  Last year Steve and I made a deal that whoever's bracket won got to pick our attire on opening day.  So this was opening day last year:
Yeah, Steve won :)
And this was Baseball season day 2:
I couldn't let opening day go by and do nothing, so this is how the twins were dressed this year:
They sure have changed a lot in a year :)
So we are excited for it to be baseball season, Go Dodgers & Tigers!!!
Most of Monday morning was spent outside:
David just absolutely loves sitting in this car.  He likes it if you push him in it, but he even likes just sitting in it

Jonathan loved pulling the wagon

And riding in the bike 

David and Micah in their TV comas :)  Jonathan is always begging for the TV to get turned on and then he doesn't pay attention to it :)

David and Jonathan have become big fans of popcorn

And finally, it was nice again to day (by nice I mean it was 37 degrees, not windy and the sun was shining so I declared it nice), so we went for a walk.  Micah decided he wanted to bring his binoculars along (which he calls "sea goggles" I don't know why he calls them that.  The only thing I can think of is they must have sea goggles on the show The Octonauts and that's what he thinks these are) so he could check out all the great sights on our walk :).  He was pretty cold by the time we got back to the house so I guess it wasn't really as nice as I thought, but it was still good to get some fresh air. :)  Here's to hoping for more opportunities like that! 


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